10 Best Educational Gadgets for Kids (May 2018)


Last updated April 29th, 2018 at 08:35 pm

We are living in the 21st century. The lives of the people in this century have become so hectic that they hardly get time for anything. It is mostly because the competition has gotten quite tough in every field. Everyone wants to reach the top, so they do their best.


10 Best Educational Gadgets for Kids 2015 & 2016

Education, for instance, has always been the top priority for individuals with a conscience. They want their children to learn from every possible way they could find. Whether it is an institutional program, soccer game or even gadgets, parents make sure they develop the habit of learning in their children. They create opportunities for their children to move forward and progress. It’s what every good parent always does. If a child is not interested in being a soccer hero, why not try making him a computer geek?

However, there are some parents who think that technology acts as a barrier to a child’s cognitive thinking. They are of the opinion that children might start depending on them too much.

Hundreds and thousands of tech devices have been specially created for children so that their parents do not have to worry about putting a parental lock, downloading the correct application and the like. The gadgets have built-in programs that are suitable for teaching children a variety of things. And the best about these gadgets is, even adults can use them for their purposes. But you have to make sure you are choosing the right one.

Here are the ten “best educational gadgets for kids in 2018”.

Kids Tablet # 1. VTech InnoTab Max

VTech InnoTab Max is a pretty smart device created for providing children entertainment and education at the same time. It is best for children aged 3-9. The tablet offers a variety of features including multi-screen touch with a high-resolution display, Parental Control Wi-Fi, and Android operating system. It has a built-in library and almost 640 educational Android apps for children to gain knowledge from. It is a perfect, friendly little gadget for children.



Kids Tablet #2. Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 Kids

The Samsung Galaxy Tab contains slightly inferior specifications in comparison to the adult one, but it is perfectly suitable for fitting in tiny hands. Like other Samsung devices, it has superb features. The briefcase-like covering makes it easier for kids to handle it. It has a good battery life and decent parental controls that attract people. However, its slow performance makes it less appealing to customers.


Kids Tablet #3. Nabi 2

Parents often dread that their children will not be able to tackle the newly bought, expensive gadget correctly and might drop it. Well, the Nabi is here to save the day. Even if your kid drops it by chance, the concrete-like casing will protect it from breaking. Not only does it has great looks, but it is also associated with Android so that you can download many applications from Google Play.



Kids Tablet #4. LeapPad Ultra

LeapPad Ultra could be an impressive gadget for your kid’s gadgets collection. The Ultra has a high-resolution 7-inch display. It further offers kid-safe Wi-Fi and secure browsing. The Ultra has more than 800 educational and entertainment applications, games, ebooks and videos, keeping children indulged in constructive activities and increasing their knowledge. The company has a group of educational experts working to develop applications for children.



Kids Tablet #5. iTikes Map

ITikes is one of the coolest and informative gadgets for children to learn geographical locations and memorize them. The maps are designed in such a way that it helps your kids learn the names of animals all around the globe and the facts related to geography. There are six maps in iTikes Maps belonging to different categories, which are world dinosaurs, world facts, world music, world cats, world dogs and solar system. It is an excellent gadget for increasing your kid’s knowledge and helps them learn new locations in exciting ways.



Kids Tablet # 6. Hudl 2

Hudl 2 is a great device with a reasonable price and good features to offer. It has an incredibly amazing look with a decent HD 8.2-inch screen. The Hudl is a full-featured, budget gadget. It has a simple parenteral control feature. If you want a device that should be accessible to all family members, including the younger ones, the Hudl 2 should be your choice. It has limited internal storage and not-so-good battery life, but its setbacks do not outweigh the good it offers.



Kids Tablet # 7. Amazon Fire HD 6 Kids Edition

Amazon Fire is a stunning device and one of the best. It comes with a free year of Fire with an unlimited access to books, videos, games, applications, and films. The device is value for money, offering sharp screen, good features, and a 6-inch display. Plus, it is suitable for kids with exceptional parental control and an option of ‘Bed Time’ that locks the device at the time you set. It is also kid-proof with a large, tough screen and rubber casing as well as a two-year guarantee.



Kids Tablet #8. LeapPad Platinum

LeapFrog is one of the famous brands when it comes to gadgets for kids. The LeapPad Platinum by LeapFrog is a handy and user-friendly device suitable for children belonging to any age group. With access to unlimited applications, ebooks, and videos, the device definitely stands on the top. It has handy parenteral controls and offers decent educational applications.



Kids Tablet #9. iPad Mini

The iPad Mini is being used all around the globe for educational purposes, even in classrooms, because of its appropriate size and friendly user-interface. The size makes it perfect for kids to handle it. The App Store offers pretty amazing educational applications and ebooks too. It might not be the best choice but a good one for sure since it is Apple.



Kids Tablet # 10. Linx 7

Linx 7 is a good budget gadget with a sturdy build quality. It could become a family gadget as it offers personalization of profiles, which is a great case in making a limited one for children. Children can further add different applications from the Window Store.



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