YouTube Small Business Marketing or Online Business Strategies

YouTube Small Business Marketing

Last updated September 20th, 2013 at 05:29 pm

The world is like a global village and social network marketing techniques plays a significant role in the expansion of small business setups. It’s important that your business understands basic online social marketing and consumer engagement.

YouTube Small Business Marketing
YouTube Small Business Marketing


The recent statistics on online video are amazing. The internet video users went up to 35%. YouTube gets more than twenty million viewers a month. It’s really a big market to tap into with no placement cost. Online video marketing is low cost with high potential.


Strategy #1: Create compelling videos

You should always try to create the content according to your audience’s needs. If you are creating a video, then content may consist of how’s, reviews, video captures, slide shows and more.


Strategy #2: Make your video findable

Your video should be findable and targets your audience search, if you want to make your video more effective, then you’ll set your videos suitable TITLE and targeted keywords. A very simple trick is to put a colon after your initial keyword. Keep two things in mind when you give description, first start your description with full URL and second don’t be stingy with your description. Be sure to include all related keywords in tag field.


Strategy #3: Brand your YouTube channel

Be sure to brand your YouTube channel appropriately by creating a custom background and choose your colors to match your branding, a generic design makes you appear more effectively. You should choose player views and auto plays featured in video for maximum effects and create a playlist of your most popular videos.


Strategy #4: Use Annotations

You can add annotations to your YouTube videos, these annotations appear on your videos for some time and links to other videos. This is also useful if you created a video without of date information.


Strategy #5: Post bulletin & alerts

Create a bulletin and a link to a video that will appear on your subscribers, friends and homepages. This is the most effective way to increase traffic to your video.


Strategy #6: Use YouTube Ads

When you submitted your video as a Promoted video, then it has a chance to run call to action (CTA) ads. They allow you to click over from a video to a website.


Strategy #7: Social media platform

You can make your video more shareable by:

  • Posting it to Facebook
  • Posting in  to Google+
  • Tweet it
  • Blog it
  • Submit it to (a social book marking website)

Strategy#8: YouTube Review

Now you can collect all information of a single or on all the uploaded videos, YouTube has powerful analytic system that you can review your most watched videos or community feedback, comments, likes etc. It is highly recommended that you should spend some time for reviewing your YouTube analytics.



By uses these strategies you can greatly increase the return on your investment in creating online videos. However, this is just the start of increasing your online visibility through YouTube marketing.

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