Yahoo Email Problem – CEO Apologizes To Users


Marissa Mayer who is CEO (Chief Executive Officer) at Yahoo! Inc. apologized to the users for yahoo email problem that occurred during this week. She also ensured that the problematic feature will be restored for all the users very soon.

Yahoo Email Problem


According to Mayer, the problem looked very simple in the beginning but the team needed more time to troubleshoot the issue as there were many complexities. The task that should have taken only a few hours took several days, Mayer told in her blog post on Friday. She also added that the access will be restored for all the users but some users may not see the change as the rolling out process will take some time. “Yahoo email problem” occurred with the feature that allows Yahoo users to integrate their other email accounts like Apple Inc. and Microsoft Corp. with their Yahoo email addresses.

As per the reports, there are huge number of people, reaching up to 100 million that use Yahoo Email services on daily basis. Mayer also wrote that this has been a frustrating time for all our users and we are really sorry about it. Not only there was a massive outage in system resources but the users had to go through a lot of inconvenience during this time too. The “yahoo email problem” is taken very seriously in the company’s head office and it will be completely resolved very soon.

Yahoo Email

There was a recent update in the email services offered by Yahoo! In October. It must be mentioned here that many users complained about the changes and they also claimed to face “yahoo email problems too”. Mayer joined Yahoo! One year ago as CEO and she is trying to bring about many changes in the company. The user products are being updated and the goal of the team is to bring as many users towards Yahoo’s Email program as possible. However, with Yahoo email problem that occurred recently and in the last month, this goal seems a far cry. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, and we get a commission on purchases made through our links.