Worldwide Celebration of The Valentine’s Day

Valentine's Day in United Kingdom

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The Valentine’s Day, as we all know, is observed on the 14th of February every year. It is the worlds second most celebrated day after the New Year. Over the years, this day has evolved in an occasion where lovers express their love for each other by exchanging cards or gifts. However different cultures have different way to celebrate this awaited day. In some countries it may even include the entire family of the couple greeting each other. One must be quite curious to know the different ways of celebration in different countries. Does it include special or traditional ways? Does everyone offer gifts?


Here is a brief study on how the Valentine’s Day is celebrated in different countries.


One would be quite astonished to know that in Japan only women give gifts to their partner. This is normally in form of chocolates or sweets. Cards and other expensive items are not included. They also give what is commonly known as “giri-choko” which is a kind of obligatory chocolate. Chocolates can be also given to the family. However “giri-choko” is given to men to show respect for them. Men in return reply by offering gifts after a month, on White day (14th march).

Valentine's Day in Japan
Valentine’s Day in Japan


In England all the people gather together and celebrate this day by giving cards, flowers and candies. Here in UK, both couples and non-couples come out in number in the name of love and have this unique tradition to also involve children. These children sing in group and seek gifts in form of fruit and candy from the crowd. Those women that are single believe that the first man they see on this day would be their partner for life. They wake up early and keep an eye on the streets and those that pass by.

Valentine's Day in United Kingdom
Valentine’s Day in United Kingdom


Valentine’s Day is celebrated quite outstandingly here at Spain. Lovers spend this day together promising to stay with each other all their life. Rose is a popular flower that men offer to women. Many other gifts are also exchanged to express love and gratitude to each other. This day the streets are occupied by small flower and gift shops where people gather in huge number for shopping.

Valentine's Day in Spain
Valentine’s Day in Spain


Valentine’s Day is not celebrated in particular here, but is substituted with a similar holiday which is known as Girlfriend’s/Boyfriend’s Day. This is celebrated on 12th of June. Lovers gift each other cards, chocolates, flowers and other gifts. They spend time together and make this day special for each other in their ways.

Valentine's Day in Brazil
Valentine’s Day in Brazil


Here In the U.S., Valentine’s Day calls for a grand celebration where the couples, families and friends offer each other valuable gifts, cards and go out to spend time together. Couples go out for dinner or pub and express their love for each other.

Valentine's Day in United States
Valentine’s Day in United States

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