World Top 10 Companies to Work For


Last updated January 25th, 2015 at 02:14 pm

If I will ever get a chance, I would love to work for any of the companies that I’m going to review in this post. It has been my dream to work for a top reputed company in the world and I must admit that I would give anything to work for those companies. You may be wondering that which those companies are that are the best companies in the world. Well, hold on my friend because soon I’m going to tell you about those companies that are not only my dream but you would also love to work for them if you ever get a chance. I understand your curiosity to know about World Top 10 Companies to Work For, so I will not keep you waiting for long and tell you about those companies now.


World Top 10 Companies to Work For

World Top 10 Companies to Work For

1. Google

There is no doubt that Google is the number one company all over the world. Not only that it is the richest company at the moment but it has also got some great benefits for its employees. I was watching a documentary about Google in which they told about the benefits and luxuries that are offered to their employees. Can you believe that Google allows its employees to bring their laundry at office and wash it there with the help of state of the art washing facility provided by them? There are many other great things that I can state about Google but I’m afraid, I will not be left with mush time and space to talk about other best companies in my list.


2. Apple

Working for Apple has always been my dream. Not because Apple is the largest and richest company of USA but because they bring new and innovative ideas in the market. I have always been keen to work on innovative and creative ideas and I believe that by working for Apple, I will be able to play my part in the development of our world.


3. Boston Consulting Group

Though, the Boston Consulting Group has got only 2000 employees but it has still managed to make its spot at number three in our list. I’m not the only one ranking them at number 3 but there are many other reports suggesting that Boston Consulting Group deserve to be at number thee position for several reasons. I will never go into the details of those several reasons but I must tell you that if you work for this company, you can make more than $120,000 a year.

Boston Consulting Group

4. Wegmans Food Markets

Can you believe that Wegmans Food Market has got more than 42,000 employees? I couldn’t believe my eyes when I first read about this company and how many employees they have but eventually, I got hold of myself when I started learning more about this company. The work place really cares for their employees and according to reports, more than 2000 of their employees have quit smoking after starting working at this company.

Wegmans Food Markets

5. NetApp

NetApp is basically a data storage firm that is located in California, USA. In my list, this company is at number 5 position and there are several reasons for that. To top all the reasons, this company offers great compensation to this employees that they can live a luxurious life easily.


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