Working on Reddit – Tips To Collect karma Points Easily

Working on Reddit – Tips To Collect karma Points Easily

Last updated September 14th, 2013 at 10:49 pm

One thing that you should know about Reddit is that, it is a complicated social bookmarking website. While you can understand the working of other social bookmarking websites in a few minutes, it will take you hours to understand how Reddit works and how you can get most benefit out of it. However, once you will figure out how to use Reddit effectively, it will bring a lot of traffic towards your blog. One of the most important things on Reddit is to get as much karma score as possible. This post will describe what Karma point is and how you can get more karma points for your link submission.


Facebook offers “Like” facility to tell people how many users have liked a particular post. On the other hand, Reddit uses “Karma Points” to determine if a blog post is famous among its users or not. Once you will share your blog post on Reddit, there will an option to up-vote or down-vote the link. If your link provides really good information and quality content, people will definitely up-vote it. Getting more up votes will increase your karma points on Reddit. However, you should not forget that there are a lot of people on Reddit who like to down-vote blog posts as well. Some of them may do it on purpose but most of them will actually see what quality is offered by your blog post. Having more karma points will let you submit as many links as possible but if your get a lot of down votes; it will reduce your karma score. Having a low karma score means that your link submission will be limited. You will not be able to submit unlimited links on Reddit anymore.

Working on Reddit – Tips To Collect karma Points Easily
Working on Reddit – Tips To Collect karma Points Easily

If you notice that one of your links have got a lot of down-votes, you should submit another link that gets a lot of up-votes. It is just like balancing a chemical equation. If you realize that total karma score of your profile is decreasing, you should take proper measures to bring it up.

There are some things that you should never do on Reddit if you are a new user and want to get as many karma points as possible.

You should never submit your link on “Self-Post” subreddits. Being a new user, you don’t know how this stuff works. If you submit a link in “Self-Post” category, it will never get karma points. No matter how many up-votes you get on your link, it will have no effect on overall karma points of your blog post.

Avoid submitting such posts that are controversial. You may be someone who likes to explore controversial topics but it doesn’t mean that you can start fulfilling your desires as a new user on Reddit. Your main goal is to make a reputable image for yourself and your brand in the beginning. If you will submit your posts in controversial subreddits as a new user, people will never take you as serious blogger. They might even down-vote your submissions too. You already know what will happen to your karma score and profile if you get a lot of down-votes. In the beginning, you should try to play it safe.

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