25+ Most Wonderful Lakes in the World 2020

Our tiny world has millions of lakes which are full of freshwater. Whenever we heard the word Lake, a memory of a small pond behind our home or the Lochness Monster comes in our mind. Lakes are formed when the glaciers melt, the water of that glaciers makes a lake, and some are made by oceans while humans have also made some of the lakes. The view of lakes is always stunningly beautiful. Lakes are full of the world’s most alluring qualities water.


They have a mirror-like reflection. The lakes we will show you today will make you force to buy a ticket and visit these lakes at least once in your life. These lakes looks like they are part of heaven. Today, we have made a list of the world’s most beautiful lakes. We have made a list after doing a lot of research on the web.

We hope you will enjoy our list and agree with us. You won’t a list like this on any other website. But if you find any mistake of us then please tell us about this. Your opinion matters the most. Enjoy the list of “25 Most Wonderful Lakes in the World”.

25+ Most Wonderful Lakes in the World 2020

1. Plitvice Lakes

Plitvice Lakes is a chain of sixteen terraced lakes located in Plitvice Lakes National Park, Croatia. These lakes are joined by waterfalls which increase the beauty of these lakes.


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2. Spotted Lake

Spotted Lake is located in British Columbia, Canada. The lake consist of large colourful spots which consist of a high concentration of minerals. The Lake has a length of 0.7 Km and width of 0.25 Km.


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3. Dead Sea

The Dead Sea is the deepest hypersaline lake in the world. It has a depth of 200 m. It contains salt 8 more times than the ocean. The Dead Sea is surrounded by desert which has many historic sites.


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4. Sheosar Lake

Sheosar Lake is situated Deosai national park located in Gilgit Baltistan, Pakistan. The best time to visit this lake is in summer because, in this period, the lake is full of water. In local language Sheosar means Blind.


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5. Riffelsee Lake

Riffelsee lake is located in Zermatt, Switzerland. You can see the reflection of Matterhorn in the crystal clear water of Riffelsee lake. The depth of this wonderful lake is 4 m.


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6. Peyto Lake

Peyto Lake is located in Alberta, Canada. Alberta, Canada has been developed by glaciers. During summer when the glacier melts into the lake, the lake gets a bright turquoise colour because of rock flour.


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7. Lake Solbjornvannet

Lake Solbjornvannet is located in Norway. The lake is full of clear blue water which is surrounded by picturesque mountains. In the Norwegian language, the name of this lake means “Water of the Sun Bear”.


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8. Mirror Lake

Mirror Lake is located in California’s Yosemite National Park. It is one of the oldest lakes in the world. You can even see your reflection in this lake because of its crystal clear water.


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9. Horseshoe Lake

Horseshoe Lake is located in Alberta, Canada in Jasper National Park. Horseshoe lake is the favourite place of Jasper youth in the summer. Only a brave can jump in this lake because its water is icy cold.


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10. Lake Saif ul Muluk

Lake Saif ul Muluk is located in the Kaghan Valley of Pakistan. It is one of the most beautiful lakes in the world. Every year hundreds of tourists visit Saif ul Muluk to see the wonderful scenery.


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11. Emerald Lake

Emerald Lake is located in British Columbia, Canada. It is the largest lake of Yoho National park. The lake has lots of attractions that attracts tourists towards it.


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12. Mono Lake

Mono Lake is located in Mono County, California. Mono Lake is more than 760,000 years old. The lake consist of the high level of salt. Mono Lake is in the middle of the Desert.


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13. Lake Malawi

Lake Malawi is the most beautiful lake in Africa and at no. 13 in our list. The lake is spread over an area of 29,600 km². It is located in Mozambique. It is the second deepest lake of Africa.


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14. Yamdrok Lake

Yamdrok Lake is located in Tibet, China. The Lake is surrounded by snow-capped mountains. The lake is connected with small streams that fed it up. It is spread over an area of 638 km².


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15. Mystic Lake

Mystic Lake is a wonderful destination for a picnic. It has three beautiful sandy beaches. Mystic Lake is located in Montana. Most people visit this lake for fishing and hiking.


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16. Tavropos Reservoir

Tavropos Reservoir is a man-made artificial lake which is connected with Tavropos river. It is situated in Karditsa, Greece. The lake has 400 million cubic litres of crystal clear water.


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17. Reed Flute Cave

Reed Flute Cave is located in Guangxi, China. This cave is over 180 million years old and one of the best attraction for 1200 years. It has a lake inside with artificial lighting.


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18. Barclay Lake

Barclay Lake is located near Baring, Washington. Barclay Lake is surrounded by green trees and mountains which are increasing the beauty of this lake.


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19. Crater Lake

Crater Lake is located in Oregon, United States. Crater lake is spread over an area of 741.5 km². It has been established by man. The lake has a small hill in the middle.


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20.Lake Isabel

Lake Isabel is located in Colorado, United States. The lake is always open for fishing. You can also do camping, hiking and sledging if you visit this lake in winter.


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21. Lake Louise

Lake Louise is a turquoise colour glacier-fed lake located in Alberta, Canada. You can do skating on this lake in winter when it’s frozen.


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22. Laguna Colorada

Laguna Colorada is a shallow salt lake located in Bolivia. It is situated near the Chile border. Laguna Colorada lake has bloody red colour water.


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23. Lake Pinatubo

Lake Pinatubo is located in Botolan, Philippines. The lake was formed on June 15, 1991, because of the climatic eruption. It has a depth of 600 meters.


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24. Moraine Lake

Moraine Lake is a glacially-fed lake located in Alberta, Canada. Moraine Lake is situated in the valley of ten peaks.


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25. Lake Titicaca

Lake Titicaca is the border of Peru and Bolivia. It is one of the largest lakes in South America and also the highest navigable body of water in the world.


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