Windows 10 : Are we looking to the future yet?


Last updated July 11th, 2018 at 01:05 am

As announced by Microsoft, “Windows 10” could be with us in late January, but the question is, will it solve all the problems that Windows 8 previously had? The latest operating system promises to unite all its extensions into one place (kind of like what Google did). Now this can be a new innovation as this would allow app developers to make new ways of creating apps that meet the criteria of all extensions from Xbox to windows to the Windows phone, you name it.


But hold your horses! They said that the last time too, didn’t they? That’s right these promises have been made before when releasing Windows 8. Windows 8 was basically supposed to provide all the users a cloud integrated OS which happened to be a huge failure to most people. They even redesigned the whole look of Windows phone for that purpose, but I guess it just didn’t work out .


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Windows 8 still stands at a very low share and happens to be a huge downfall after windows 7. Of course, the users were expecting a lot. Although this time Microsoft promises a whole new look to the new Operating System i.e. Windows 10.

According to one of Microsoft’s chief employees Windows 10 has to hit a homerun as it fixes everything that Windows 8 lacked in. Additionally, it would provide features that would be able to compete with other competing Operating Systems that are waiting eagerly to copy it’s features (We’ve seen plenty of that haven’t we?)


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One reason why we think being optimistic is the right way to go is because Microsoft seems to be very confident about their work. The arrangements for the release event are already in progress even though the event is in late January (expected January 21st)


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According to Microsoft, the User Interface would be somewhat intelligent that would very smartly solve problems. A great example of what Microsoft is trying to achieve is what Google has been doing for years now. Trying to unite all platforms at one place and trying the User Interface to be as smart as possible.

What we think

We think Windows tried hard to outdo themselves in Windows 8 and 8.1 but they couldn’t really deliver what the people were expecting after Windows 7. It can be considered as a slight update to what windows 7 was and updates don’t always have to be a hit.

We think Windows 10 would alter all the negative feedback received after Windows 8 and would try to change it into positive feedback. The responsive user interface can be an innovation that leads Windows towards the future as it is trying to catch up on what google is trying to do(regardless of the fact that it’s not an Operating System.


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For the time being let us hold on tight for the next chapter in Microsoft’s Operating system. January 21st is the day Microsoft nerds and app developers would look forward to, we certainly

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