Weird Museums Of The World 2015

Museum of Bad Art, United States

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What comes to your mind when you hear the name of museum? Well, if you ask the same question from me, I usually think about ancient clothes, pots and other stuff that was used centuries ago by the people who lived on the same planet earth. Some are general museums where you will find all the general ancient things but then there are certain museums that are specific for only one reason. In today’s post, I will be telling you about some of the very Weird Museums Of The World 2015 that are available around the world. These are specific museums and I’m sure that you will be left with your jaw dropped when you will read about these museums in this post.


 Weird Museums Of The World 2015

1. Momofuku Ando Instant Ramen Museum, Japan

I still remember my college days when I was always tide with my laces because I never had enough funds in my pocket. There are countless college days that I have survived just by eating noodles. I know that this time comes to everyone at least once in their life and if you have been through this situation then this museum in Japan will refresh your memories. In this museum, you will each and everything about the noodles and soups. You will learn how the very first soup was made in the world and how this dish has evolved with the passage of time.

Weird Museums Of The World 2015

2. Museum of Enduring Beauty, Malaysia

We all know that women are always obsesses with their physique. They can do almost anything to remain fit and look beautiful. I have seen many women in my life who have crossed the line of obesity and instead of looking good, they look horrible. However, if you want to see such examples with your own eyes then you have got to visit this museum and I can bet that you will not be able to believe your eyes in the beginning.

Museum of Enduring Beauty, Malaysia

3. Museum of Bad Art, United States

Well, I have seen many art exhibitions and never in my life I have been to an exhibition where art samples from such artists are displayed who know nothing about drawing, sketching or expressing the feelings with colors. However, if you are a horrible artist who cannot even grip paint brush properly in the hand then you can display your art piece at this Museum of Bad Art in United States. It seems that all you need to have is a skill (it doesn’t matter good or bad), and it will be enough for you to earn some good money.

Museum of Bad Art, United States

4. The Dog Collar Museum, England

England has always been famous for such people who love to keep dogs as their pets. It is also a matter of fact that some of the dogs have been very rich in the history of Britain. If you are also a dog lover then you have got to visit this Dog Collar Museum in England.

The Dog Collar Museum, England

Which is the Weird Museums Of The World 2015 that you have ever visited in your life? Tell us about your adventure in the comments section below.

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