10 Most Expensive University in USA

Colleges and Universities in the United States

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Higher education is a dream of every student. It doesn’t matter what kind of student you are, you would definitely love to study in the most prestigious and expensive university in US, right? Well, the only problem with these expensive universities is that, not everyone can afford their Tuition Fee so you may have to let the idea go. However, if you happen to be that lucky punk whose father is a rich businessman then you can definitely fulfill your dream and continue your college education in an expensive university.


Colleges and Universities in the United States

10 Most Expensive University in USA

10) Bard College – $57,580

Bard College was founded in 1860 and it is one of the most expensive and well reputed liberal Arts colleges that you will find in New York. The area of its main campus is around 600 acres and this college is offering 8 different graduate programs with 20 degrees.

9) University Of Chicago – $57,711

In 1890, University of Chicago was formed as a private research facility. This university is offering various graduate programs and many schools and colleges as well. Studying in this university is a dream for every student in USA.

8) Drexel University – $57,975

This University was inaugurated in 1891 and its main campus is located in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. The Drexel University is offering around 70 undergraduate programs for students all over the world but the best thing is that, students are provided with real jobs and pay until they get their degree from the University.

7) Dartmouth College – $57,996

This college is located in Hanover, New Hampshire. The college was founded in 1769 and it is offering 19 different graduate programs in different fields.

6) Claremont McKenna College – $58,065

This is another private liberal arts college that is one of the most expensive colleges in the entire US. The college has many campuses all over the USA and it offers undergraduate and graduate degree programs to its students.

5) Wesleyan University – $58,202

The Wesleyan University is a liberal arts college that was founded in 1831 and it is located in Middletown, Connecticut, USA. This college is offering undergraduate, graduate and even PhD programs too.

4) Columbia University – $58,742

This is another Private university situated in New York. If we talk about some of the ancient universities in the US then Columbia University must be mentioned as it was established in 1754.

3) Harvey Mudd College – $58,913

If you would like to opt for Engineering, Science or other Technology related degree course then Harvey Mudd College is the best choice for you. This College was established in 1955 in Claremont, California.

2) New York University – $59,837

The New York University was founded in 1831 and it is one of the top ranked and well reputed universities all over the US. The students of this university have won many noble prizes as well.

1) Sarah Lawrence College – $61,236

Sarah Lawrence College is the top ranked, most expensive and lush liberal arts college of USA. The college campus is located in Southern Westchester County, New York.

So, in which college/ university you would like to take admission?

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