Voltmakers – Charge your phone with “Flick of a Wrist”


Energy crisis all over the world has inspired a lot of people to think of some new ways of energy production. It is an amazing fact that, we the human beings are also capable of producing energy. Recently an innovative device has come into limelight being called Voltmaker by Indiegogo . Just as the name suggests, the device is going to generate voltage.


What Voltmaker Actually Does?

The device producers are planning to use Voltmaker to charge your mobile battery. It is a wonderful science which will allow you to use your reserved energy to charge your phone just with the “flick of a wrist” along with other conventional ways.


How Does Voltmaker Work?

The Voltamker consists of a hidden rod which is secured to the human body using a magnet. The magnet can be released by using spring-loaded mechanism. When you release the magnet, it will spin the rod by shaking the device just as a rattle. And you are done! This is the perfect movement which will harvest kinetic energy into your smartphone.

Now, to have enough charging, you need to keep up with rattling enthusiastically for a few minutes. It will generate enough power so that you can make a quick phone call or play a couple of songs or flash the LED as torch. The device will prove itself a heaven when you are not in range of power sources.


If you are planning to charge your device fully with this method, then it may take two to three hours. It could be horrible; therefore the Voltmaker creators are recommending charging the device with USB connection for everyday work.


Experts and technologists suggest it as the best option when you are out door and in need to make urgent calls. So, when you are unable to access a power socket or USB port and afraid that phone will shut down due to low battery, Voltmaker is a “must have”.

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