Valentine’s Day: Make the Celebration Special with Your Family!

Celebrate Valentines day with your Family

Last updated September 20th, 2013 at 07:08 pm

Every year on 14 of February, Valentine’s Day is celebrated across the whole world. Loved ones exchange gifts, flowers, candies and celebrate in the name of St. Valentine. Valentine’s Day is recognized as a day of love and romance all over the world. Lovers opt this day as the perfect day to express their love and care towards their lovers.


But why only show your love for your lovers. Expressing love for family on the eve of Valentine’s Day can also be fun. The fondest and most memorable childhood memories are attached to the family. One can celebrate Valentine’s Day with family and share all the love and memories shared over the past years. The little memories with family always tend to be the big things in life. So here are some fun party ideas for families.

Celebrate Valentines day with your Family
Celebrate Valentines day with your Family

Opt for a Valentine Theme Party

Theme parties can be really fun when it comes to partying with your family. Cute and funny themes can be selected that would be enjoyed both by kids and adults. You can opt for rather romantic themes if it’s only you and your better half in the family.  Some of the themes can be:

 Cartoon couples theme:

Having your guests dressed up live some fictional or cartoon character can be a lot of fun.

70’s theme Party:

This theme can take you back to the seventies. Old fashioned dresses and hair styles can be a lot of a muse.

 Famous Couples:

Dressing up like famous couples and even singles can be exciting. This is quite a fun theme for couples as well as singles, and also it could help singles to interact with people and find a perfect match.

Party Games for The Occasion:

Whether you’re throwing a Valentine’s Day feast at your home, or in any club, the little ones and even the adults will fall in love with these games. Adding up two to three party games to your party can be really fun and exciting. Some party games for Valentine’s Day celebration for your party are:

Cupid’s Surprise:

Be the cupid and surprise your family members with cute and lovable gifts. Dressing up like a cupid can add a nice twist.

Stacking Heart Game:

Making huge towers of heart shaped domino or cards are not as easy as you think. A competition involving this idea can be really fun and will create lots of laughter and cheer in the family.

Valentine Charades:

Make up appropriate titles and phrases of your own for these games and enjoy charades with family.

Dedicated to The Family:

One can dedicate the occasion only to the family. Sharing memorable moments of the family and writing can s for each member can be really overwhelming. Make cards talking about things you love about the members and give it to everyone can be a really sweet idea. Also one can cook the favorite dishes of each of the members and make them feel special.

So enjoy this Valentine’s Day with your family with all these fun ideas and make this day memorable forever. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, and we get a commission on purchases made through our links.