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QR Code Generator

Last updated August 27th, 2014 at 09:57 pm

Have you cared about special black patches in a big white square which have recently seen on some websites instead of Captcha or may be in some magazines? These boring special graphic is Quick Response Codes or QR Codes. The improvement in Bar Codes has led developer to the QR Codes. Instead of using the old technology like Bar Code people are moving towards QR codes. A QR code is gaining more popularity because of its flexibility in use. If you use QR Codes then you can store text, numbers and some other special characters by using which you can store detailed information about you, your business and information about the product including its price, date of manufacture and lot more. In one sentence there is many other extensive prospects of QR.

QR Code Generator
QR Code Generator

How to Create a QR Codes

You can easily create a QR code and you can also save the file in PDF and PNG or JPEG image format. For creating your QR codes you can go to any websites from the list below. There is no price for creating a QR Code; you can create it for free.

List of websites where you can generate a QR Codes


Steps for Creating QR Codes

Step 1: Select any one website from the above list. Lets go to

Steps for Creating QR Codes
Steps for Creating QR Codes

Step 2: Select Data Type

Data Types that you can directly use to create a QR Codes are-Website URL, Google Maps Location, Facebook, ForeSquare, iTunes Link, Plain Text, Skype Call, Email Address, Email Message, Contact Details, Wifi Login (Android Only), YouTube Video, Twitter, LinkedIn, App Store Download, Dropbox, Telephone Number, SMS Message, Contact Details, Event (VCALENDAR), Paypal Buy Now Link

Step 3: Enter your contents.

Step 4: Choose the foreground color for your QR Codes.

Step 5: Select your output type.

Currently there are three types of outputs are available: Download, Print and Email.

Step 6: Download your QR code. also provides the review of your QR codes.


Let simply create one.

Write your email exactly in the following format:

SUB: This is my trial for using QR code in writing emails;
BODY: Everything is ok and no one can easily read this message because QR code is used.
[You can continue your message] Thanks
[Your Name Here];;

After writing your messages go to and paste your message in the textbox and click on Create QR code button. Your QR Codes will be ready in no time.

How to Read a QR Codes

An application is needed to read the QR Code typically called a QR code scanner. There are lots of apps already available for Android in the markets. You can use either NeoReader Apps or Google Goggle app to read any QR Code. Even you are using Windows, Android or IOS devices, the mentioned apps are freely available. But for BlackBerry phone these apps will not work you have to use QR Code Scanner Pro. The important thing you must know before using these apps is that internet connection is needed. QR Code QR Code QR Code is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, and we get a commission on purchases made through our links.