7 Awesome Upcoming PS4 Games 2015


Play Station 4 is an addiction of it’s own. Having once played the best of games on it, makes the person come back again and again for more. Over years many PS4 games have made it into the market and many among them have scored some rave reviews and fascinated the gamers out there. Many good games have already made it into the market and the rest are still out there scheduled for future. Listed below are some “upcoming PS4 games 2015”. Read on and mark down the ones you’d want to try first.

7 Awesome Upcoming PS4 Games 2015

Upcoming PS4 Game 1 # Evolve


Date of Release: February 10th, 2015


This is a multiplayer shooter game by Turtle Rock Studios. Which is based on a shooting warfare of four soldiers against one monster. Who is not only mighty evil but also evolves into more powerful forms as the game progresses. The release of this game is anxiously awaited among the gamers. Pre orders are now being accepted on Aamzon.

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Upcoming PS4 Game 2 # The Order: 1886

Date of Release: February 20th, 2015


This game is a multiplayer game as well which has some similarities to the PS1 game called Nightmare creatures. In this game the user moves through the fog fighting monstrous atrocities of creatures who appear out of the fog. This is among the most awaited upcoming PS4 games for 2015.


Upcoming PS4 Game 3 # The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

Date of Release: February 24th, 2015


A third in the series the game is set to bring more awesomeness to the players out there who are eagerly awaiting the witcher. This game is among the contenders of best games. It remains to be seen whether it matches up to player expectation and lives up to the high standards set by The Witcher 2.


Upcoming PS4 Game 4 # To Leave

Date of Release: Spring, 2015


This game is set in a metropolitan city setting, and tells a story of an inventor whose escape from the city depends on the player. This game will require quick maneuvering and a good dose of hand mind coordination. A single misstep could send the inventor flying down while squeezing life out of him.


Upcoming PS4 Game 5 # Batman: Arkham Knight

Date of Release: 2015


Rocksteady has set the stage to introduce a new knight who’ll be challenging Batman’s rule in Gotham city. The factor that this is a Batman game and also that it’s backed up by Rockstead creates a level of excitement and expectation rivaled by none. Players out there are eagerly awaiting the release. This game even before it’s hit has win the hearts of gamers already.


Upcoming PS4 Game 6 # Final Fantasy XV

Date of Release: 2015


This is a fifteenth installment in the franchise by Square Enix. Expectations about this game are high as it’s predecessors were all exceptional. Considering the storyline and how every game released before it was better than the other, this game is expected to be a good one as well.

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Upcoming PS4 Game 7 # Kingdom Hearts III

Date of Release: 2015


This is a pure gem of a game from Square Enix. The gamers have been awaiting this game since 2006. And after much waiting this game is now scheduled to be released in 2015. Resurface of this game created a stir and a ripple of excitement among the masses. And is being anxiously awaited.

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