9 Top Places to visit in Missouri


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Missouri is the 18th top most populous in the USA, Missouri’s capital is Jefferson city. 9 top places to visit in Missouri including Bronson and more.


9 Top Places to visit in Missouri

Place # 1 : Downtown Kansan City

It is the largest city in Missouri, its downtown is considered to be the best in the USA by the prestigious travel magazine. It is really famous for its culture, landscapes, art and other natural beauty. There are many fountains, parks, great restaurants and large shopping areas. The downtown Kansas City is really clean and has been reinvented by spending a lot money and budget on it. Billions of dollars are being used on this and there are many benefits for the visitors and the residents. You can find ballrooms, a center for performing arts, boutiques, shopping arcades and arenas.

Downtown Kansan City

Place # 2 : Gateway Arc, ST Louis

It’s a large man made monument, they were attracted by the western expansion of the USA which was done by pioneers. It takes an area of 192 meters, making a dynamic forefront of ST, Louis.  It dominates the banks of the Missippippi named river on the same spot where the Pierre Laclede told his assistant to build a new city in 1764. It was a big project and a big budget was needed to complete it. It was completed in the October 1965. It looks same as new as it was many years before in 1960’s. It is so dominant that you cannot miss the arch when you go there. The mighty river waterfront is also so catching and attractive.

Gateway Arc, ST Louis

Place # 3 : Shoal Creek Living History Museum, Kansas City

It looks like that you have entered in the 19th century the old and historic buildings were made over there in parkland which is spread over more than 80 acres. Its layout locus is same as it was in the past. It’s easy to reach there just twenty minutes drive from the main city.  There are old churches, mills, log cabin mansion etc. There are many guides, demonstrations, re-enactments, farm animals and many more. You can find it on a Barry road within Hodge Park.

Shoal Creek Living History Museum, Kansas City

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Place # 4 : Place # 1 : Branson

It is now known as the most famous music and live theatre destination. It was just starting from a small H.B  Wright’s book. “The shepherd of the hills” was set here. Later in different writer’s book were set here and different theatres were played here and now it is one of the most famous and popular theatre in Missouri. Music lovers and theatre lovers come here to enjoy with a large number. There are many waxworks, parks, museums and many more. It’s not that urban area like others but it is so good in natural views and you can enjoy the pleasant weather over there. Caverns, lakes and parks make it a great outdoor spot to be visited.


Place # 5 : Dogwood Canyon Nature Park

It is considered as one of the best destinations in Missouri it is located over 10,000 acres. It has many spaces like canyons, rivers, woodlands, and mountains.  You can travel it on foot, on horseback, on a boat etc. The views of waterfalls and forests refresh your body.  You can enjoy the archery over there and can spend your time with the nature.

Dogwood Canyon Nature Park

Place # 6 : Forest Park, ST Louis

It is another natural area you can enjoy many natural scenes over there it is called the heart of St. Louis. According to survey 12 million visitors visit this destination every year. There are many activities you can do, you can enjoy the zoo, hot air balloons, the beautiful gardens, the museums, golf course and many more.

Forest Park, ST Louis

Place # 7 : Country Club Plaza, Kansas City

In a public place a well developed and well designed mall is situated, has won many awards. It is so popular and famous that everyone living there knows very well about it. It is featuring a very good parking way and very well designed entrance with many architectural fountains which show the art. The place reflects the European design with a spice of Spanish design. You can find all the big brands here such as Armani, Tiffany, Burberry, St. John etc. In Christmas season it is well lighted up and gives a great view.

Country Club Plaza, Kansas City

Place # 8 : Lake Of The Ozarks

The lake is situated in the center of the state you can enjoy many activities there. You can play golf there from one of the seventeen world class course, from which many of them are designed by professionals. Enjoy boating, shopping, riding and chill out on the beach. It is an island resort of a very high class level. You can take a wake board, power boat, sail and windsurf.

Lake Of The Ozarks

Place # 9 : Jefferson City

This is the capital of the state named after the third U.S president. The capital is on the shores of the Missouri river.  The fertile land over there also makes it a cultivated sarea.  This place contains a lot of history; you will be lost in history if you go there.

Jefferson City

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