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Free Classified Ads in USA

Last updated July 11th, 2018 at 12:59 am

Classifieds sites are very important nowadays in conducting business transactions. It provides for a free space where a buyer can meet a seller. With the emergence of some really good classifieds sites all over the world, the process of conducting transactions has become really less expensive. There are a lot of good free best classified sites in usa scattered all over the web that provide for some good inexpensive buying and selling.


Best Classified Sites in USA

This article lists the best classifieds sites in the USA which have a huge array of features, reach and usability that sets them apart from other sites in the country. The following are the sites and the reasons for which they are considered the very best in the country.

Free Classified Ads in USA
Free Classified Ads in USA


Craigslist is unanimously the best classified site in the USA as rated by different agencies worldwide. It is a community moderated site which is largely free and deals throughout the country. It includes services and products that are related to different and diverse areas ranging from jobs, goods, services, advice, local activities and even romance.  That says quite a lot at how large Craigslist really is. It is a site in which one can get almost anything! The site was created in the year 1995 and has rapidly grown from there to reach such a dominant position today. Initially started as a no profit organization, the site was made profit directed since 1999. The company is rapidly growing and benefiting both it and the common people.

Craigslist - Free Classified Ads in USA
Craigslist – Free Classified Ads in USA

Oodle – best classified sites in usa

Oodle is the next site to make it to this list as the California company has earned its place among the classifieds giants of the United States. It is one of the largest aggregator and works with some of the global classifieds giants. It works with sites like eBay, MySpace and ForRent.com etc. It also works with local newspaper agencies and sites.

Oodlet - Free Classified Ads in USA
Oodlet – Free Classified Ads in USA


OLX, due to its aggressive ad campaigns and massive promotions have reached a prime position among the classifieds sites of the USA. The company is a New York Based one. It is a free site which hosts sales from different users and also encourages discussions. The turning point of the company was it’s much talked about link up with the brand Friendster which was then a social networking site. It hugely improved its reach. The site focuses on simplifying the whole process of buying and selling by breaking down unnecessary steps and all that for free.

OLX - Free Classified Ads in USA
OLX – Free Classified Ads in USA


Yakaz is another huge classifieds site in the US. This site is not limited to classifieds itself but is a good forum for all round interaction. It can process a huge number of listings and can help a user to post real time ads. It also facilitates neighbor interactions.

Yakaz- Free Classified Ads in USA
Yakaz- Free Classified Ads in USA


InetGiant is the last site to make its entry to the list of the top 5 classified sites in the USA. Based in the Staten Islands of USA. It is a site to reckon with in the promotion of businesses and services online because of its sheer reach and also because it deals with a large variety of services.

InetGiant- Free Classified Ads in USA
InetGiant- Free Classified Ads in USA

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