25+ Unbelievable Inventions 2016 you Should Know

The world has changed a lot. Many new unbelievable and cool inventions have been done. Mostly giants like Google and Apple are at the top in inventing new inventions. But there are also many cool inventions which are not invented by these two giants and here you will see the list of these cool and “unbelievable inventions 2016”. Today, we are presenting you 25+ unbelievable inventions 2016 you should know.

25+ Unbelievable Inventions 2016 you Should Know

Many of the inventions in this list are related to the technology that we use in our daily routine life. Everyone in the world wants to buy these cool inventions. Some of the inventions in this are not very unique, they are simple but they are the best at what they are made for. If you know the invention that is not in this list and you think that this invention should also be in this list than please guide us.

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1.LED slippers

Now you don’t need to turn on the lights at the middle of night, if you have to drink water because of these LED slippers. These slippers have LED lights on its front side which will show you the way at night. => Buy Now

LED slippers

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BendDesk has changed the way people works. It has one large interactive workspace. On workspace you can see your documents, pictures or any other digital content. You don’t need a mouse or a keyboard. Everything happens with your fingertips.


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3.One Wheel Electric Bike

This cool electric motor bike has been designed by Ryno motors. It is slower than the two wheeler bike but it is more cooler. It also has a better balancing than two wheeler. => Buy Now

One Wheel Electric Bike

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4.Lexus Hoverboard

Now you don’t need tires below your skateboard thanks to Lexus. Lexus has invented a skateboard that flies. You can skate over a water with this flying skateboard. They have named this flying skateboard “Hoverboard”. => Buy Now

Lexus Hoverboard

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5.Milk carton that changes color before expiry

If your nose is not that much smart to smell that the milk has expired or not then this carton specially made for you. When expiry date of milk come closer this smart carton starts to change its color.

Milk carton that changes color before expiry

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6.Color scanner pen

It is hard to believe that this is really happened. What you have to do is to point this smart pen towards the thing of which color you want and scan it. This pen will write in the same color you have scanned.=> Buy Now

Color scanner pen

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7.Bike Lane Safety light

These safety light for bicycle has been manufactured by Xfire. These lights will prevent you from accidents at night. You bicycle will be visible to other vehicles. It also helps you to stay in your lane.=> Buy Now

Bike Lane Safety light

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8.StickNFind Stickers

Just stick these stickers on your things and you can find them easily whenever you need that thing with bluetooth. These stickers are manufactured by StickNFind and are available in market.=> Buy Now

StickNFind Stickers

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9.Phone Charges with Cold and Hot Drink

It is now possible to charge your phone with your Tea, Coffee or any other cold or hot drink. The charger has two sides; Blue and Red. Blue is for cold drink and red is for hot drink.=> Buy Now

Phone Charges with Cold and Hot Drink

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10.Virtual Keyboard

If you think that typing on mobile is hard for you and its take too time to type on a small keyboard than you should buy this virtual keyboard. With this you can type on any surface.=> Buy Now

Virtual Keyboard

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11.Floating speakers

These speakers are specially invented for pool parties because they will float on water and they are water proof. It should be a great fun.=> Buy Now

Floating speakers

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12.Sign Language Translator Gloves

These sign language translator gloves were invented by a group of students from Ukraine. These gloves are very useful for the people who can’t speak. They can easily transmit their message with this.=> Buy Now

Sign Language Translator Gloves

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12.Charge your phone with grass

Now you can charge your phone, music player or camera by placing them in a grass. Yes! It is true, Kikkerland  has invented grass device charger. Grass leaves are made of plastic.=> Buy Now

Charge your phone with grass

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13.Chameleon Band aid

If you got scar in your face and you want to hide with bandage, but you think that bandage is destroying your beauty than you should buy this wonderful invention. It changes the color like chameleon.

Chameleon Band aid

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Now you don’t to buy charger to charge your battery because someone has invented a batteries which has USB ports in them. You can charge them by any USB port.=> Buy Now


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15.LEGO sockets

This 360 degree socket was invented by Cheng-Hsiu Du and Chyun-Chau Lin. It will be now easy for you to plug no. of switches at a time.=> Buy Now

LEGO sockets

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16.AeroMobil Flying Car

AeroMobil Flying Car is a car which converts from mobile to airplane in a seconds. You don’t have to be worry for traffic jam anymore because you will fly over that.

AeroMobil Flying Car

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17.Cocoa WalkCar

Cocoa WalkCar, the world’s smallest electric car is equal to size of laptop. You can easily fit it in your back up. You can also call it the world’s first portable vehicle.

Cocoa WalkCar

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18.Flyshark Portable Keyboard

It is invented for fast and accurate typing on mobile or tablet. You can connect it with Bluetooth. It is the world most thinnest keyboard.=> Buy Now


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Chip is the world’s cheapest keyboard. Its price is just $9. It has 512 MB ram, 4GB storage and 1GHz processor.


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20.Amazon Echo

Amazon Echo is always connected to Alexa, a cloud service. Alexa speaks with you, can hear you. Alexa always answers your question. It can do everything.=> Buy Now

Amazon Echo

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21.OTM Phree

Phree is the device with which you can draw or write on any surface and it will appear on your mobile screen. It connects with bluetooth to your device.

OTM Phree

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22.3D Printer

You can call it the greatest invention ever. You can print anything in 3 Dimensions with printer.=> Buy Now


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23.Bluetooth Gramophone

It is inspired from the vintage gramophone. It connects with bluetooth to your device. It has vintage design and modern technology.

Bluetooth Gramophone

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Aerius is the world tinniest drone. You can have fun with it at home. It has 2 speed modes.=> Buy Now


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25.Kymera Magic Wand Remote Control

It looks like a magic stick but it is a highly advanced technology. It can learn infrared codes of  your devices and you can control your device with rather than remote control.=> Buy Now

Kymera Magic Wand Remote Control

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