3 Best Online tools for Typing Speed Test 2015

Typing Speed Test

Last updated January 17th, 2015 at 12:16 am

Typing fast is the need of the day, if you are a fast typist than I’m sure you will be enjoying computing a lot. If you know the “art of typing” well than you can also make a lot of money because there are tons of “copy writing  jobs” online. To make keyboard work on your fingertips you need to learn fast typing. For learning typing there are many online and offline tools which offers complete guide from A to Z.


Today we will list some best websites to learn and typing speed test. All of these tools will help in learning typing and if you are already a fast typist than you could also test your typing speed there.

Typing Speed Test

3 Best Online tools for Typing Speed Test 2015

Tool # 1 :  10 Fast Fingers – Typing Speed Test

One of my favorite and most trusted typing speed testing tool online. Many popular websites like The Next Web use this online tool to check the typing speeds of their employees. The interesting features of 10 fast fingers are its global ranking, global typing competition and multi languages. Users can participate in the global and local typing competitions and test their speed and can also take typing test held by 10 fast fingers to improve their typing skills. Unlike most of the other websites 10 fast fingers offer more languages to test typing speed in, all of the European and Asian national languages are available there. But first of all you need to improve your typing speed in English. After that come to the languages like Japanese, French and Russian because there is a much translation work available for these languages.

10 fast fingers - learn and test typing speed

Tool # 2 : Type racer – Typing Speed Test 2015

Type racer is a website which have made the typing an addiction. You can choose the users to start competition with them. You can also improve your typing skills at your own without competing with others. You can also invite your friends from social media networks to play typing with you. Unlike 10 fast fingers type racer only offer typing competitions and tests and English, others languages are not available which should be added by the Type racer team.

Type racer

Tool # 3 : Key BR – Typing Speed Test 2015

If you are serious about learning typing online and want to get experts lessons than Keybr is the best place for you. Keybr will tell you about every key on the keyboard and will tell you how to pick them fast with your fingertips. Keybr.com gurrantee that its users will be enjoying 50 words per minute speed in just 10 hours lesson. Furthermore users can polish their skills with the passage of time. In keybr.com you can also test your typing speed and can also learn the new ways of typing with its flash based lessons. Keybr is the best tool to learn and test typing.


So, this is the list of some tools to learn and test typing online. All of these tools are absolutely free to use and offer different types of lessons, competitions, test typing games to improve and test typing skills.

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