List of Twitter Keyboard Shortcuts 2015

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Last updated January 16th, 2015 at 09:09 pm

Twitter is the second most popular social network in the online world today. Millions of people use Twitter for connecting with the whole world, another interesting thing is that people love to perform their actions on computer with keyboard. Because with keyboard you can perform fast actions then working with mouse, for example designers use keyboard shortcuts rather then mouse while designing in Photoshop or other tools. Now we are going to tell our readers about keyboard shortcuts and with them they can browse whole Twitter with their keyboard. With those Twitter keyboard shortcuts you can create new tweet, retweet, favorite any tweet, direct message, open any tweet and can do a lot of thing, So below are the “Twitter keyboard shortcuts 2015”.


List of Twitter Keyboard Shortcuts 2015

List of Twitter Keyboard Shortcuts 2015

Twitter keyboard shortcuts

1. Actions

  • F = Favorite any tweet
  • R = Reply any tweet
  • T = Retweet others Tweet
  • M = Send direct message
  • N = Compose new tweet
  • L = Close all tweets
  • B = Block Users
  • U = Block any blocked user
  • Press Enter = Open Tweet details

Here in actions like tweet, retweet, reply twitter have all most used the similar words for performing actions, for example “N for new tweet”.

Twitter keyboard shortcuts

2. Navigation

  • ? = To navigate
  • J = Next Tweet
  • K = Previous Tweet
  • Press Space = Go down in page
  • / = Search
  • . = Load new tweets

Here in navigation Twitter have mostly includes both symbols and words for the navigation in Twitter.

3. Timelines

  • GC = Connect to any twitter user
  • GH = Go to home
  • GF = Favorites
  • GL = Lists
  • GM = Messages
  • GS = Go to Settings
  • GD = Discover something on Twitter
  • GP = Profile
  • GU = Go to user
  • GA = Activity

In timeline twitter keyboard shortcuts, “G means Go” and the other word attached with that is used as the first word of the thing to which you want to go, for example “P of Profile”.

Schedule Your Tweets

In this twitter tip we are going to tell you about a very useful tool with which you can schedule your twitter tweets. Yes! you can schedule your twitter tweets just like posts in Facebook pages or in blogging platforms like WordPress and Blogger. Sometimes you have something important to tweet but you think its not the right time or you just want to “full your tweet quota in a single time” then you may be interested in scheduling your tweets in twitter.

Schedule your tweets with buffer

The tool which will help you in scheduling your tweets is a Twitter app named “Buffer“. Buffer require your account authorization for posting scheduled tweets. Buffer also let post schedule posts in Facebook and LinkedIn, So sign in with the social network which do you want to use. Here we are talking about twitter so go to Buffer and then sign in with Twitter there and authorize Buffer twitter app to post on your behalf. Now all the thing you have to do is writing and scheduling tweets with buffer which is post them on your specified time.

So, these are the two best tips for the twitter users to enjoy tweeting. With keyboard shortcuts you can fast your tweeting process and with buffer you can schedule your tweets. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, and we get a commission on purchases made through our links.