Twitter integration Disabled by instagram

Twitter integration Disabled by instagram

Last updated September 15th, 2013 at 10:09 pm

One thing that you need to know about Instagram before reading the entire story is that, Instagram is a photo sharing app and it is owned by Facebook. Facebook had nothing to do with this app at the time of launch but once they realized that a simple and free photo sharing app is creating a lot of buzz on the internet, they went ahead and purchased the startup project. Now, this app is owned by Facebook and while covering this story, I can easily assume that the disintegration of Twitter on Instagram is happening only because Twitter is a direct competitor to Facebook. I personally think that, Facebook will reduce its market value by taking any such step. However, before jumping to conclusions, it will be better to investigate the incident and how it happened.

Twitter integration Disabled by instagram
Twitter integration Disabled by instagram

On Wednesday, the Twitter-cards integration for Instagram was disabled by the app. Twitter-cards is basically panels that are used by Twitter to show images to its users within the stream. If someone shares a picture using Instagram on Twitter, it is displayed in a Panel so users can easily take a look at what others are sharing. However the panels have stopped working now and it seems that Instagram has disabled the Twitter integration.

Twitter also shared this information on their official website. According to them, users are having trouble viewing the Instagram photos shared on Twitter. Usually, when you click on a photo link in Twitter, a car-style photo is displayed in front of you from Instagram. This helps users to remain under Twitter interface and still look at the photos that their friends have shared using Instagram or any other app. The feature doesn’t seem to be working anymore today and there is no surety if it is a bug or Instagram has disabled Twitter integration on purpose.

According to different reputed news sources like New York Times and many others, the option has been disabled from Instagram. NYT, also said that the CEO of Instagram, Kevin Systrom has confirmed the latest development which means that the option has been disabled from Instagram side. The CEO also confirms that the Instagram has taken this step to stop the integration of Instagram photos in Twitter interface. It simply means that, starting from today, you will not be able to embed your Instagram photos in your Twitter timeline.

The CEO of Instagram also said that they are looking for a better integration between the Instagram app and Instagram website. It simply means that their main emphasis is on making their own integration better and they don’t care if users suffer on other platforms or networks.

“We wanted to make sure we direct users to where the content lives originally, so they get the full Instagram experience,” Instagram CEO Kevin System said, “It’s just about where do you go to interact with that image? We want that to be on because it has a better user experience currently.”

What are your thoughts about the step taken by Instagram? Do you think that they have done it on purpose or it is a requirement?

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