Twitter Backgrounds. Know How to Set Custom Background

Set Custom Background

Last updated September 20th, 2013 at 06:04 pm

Are you new to twitter? If yes then this guide is for you. This tutorial goes step by step for creating a personalized Twitter background. Why we create a custom twitter background? The answer is there are a number of benefits to doing your background own, for example:

  • An opportunity to show your artistic talent.
  •  Easy to add additional information into your 160 character bio.
  • It helps potential followers to understand why people should follow you.
  • It gives chance to express yourself that who you are? A musician, a cook, an artist or a blogger.
Set Custom Background
Set Custom Background

This is a very interesting part of Twitter; you can customize the background image of your Twitter page. Although you cannot change the left panel color of the page which is always white. No doubt it is very useful social networking tool, by which you can promote your business or get traffic to a website or a blog. Follow the following steps to upload your customized twitter background image from twitter interface.

Step #1

Login to your Twitter account, for example see in the picture

Step #2

Click on “Setting” link at the top of the page

Step #3

Go to “design” tab

Step #4

Scroll down the page and click ‘change background image’

Step #5

Select the background from your computer, and if you have made a small image to fill the whole background then click ‘title background’ check box.

Step #5 A

You can also select the pre- made theme; just click the one you want. To upload a file scroll down click on chooses file.

Step #6

Click “save changes” for publishes the background image.

Step #7

You can change background and link colors by clicking on link color, make sure that your color contrast compare to background image color.

Now you have customized background on twitter page, keep tweeting!

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