Top 10 Toys for 4 Year Old Boys 2017 with Affordable Price


Looking for toys for 4 year old boys to purchase in 2017? We could help you to find best among thousands because we know that how difficult it could be select a gift old for 4 year old boys.

Specially if your kid is very selective, then our list could give you so many options which could be fit with the choice of your 4 year old boy as well.


Top 10 Toys for 4 Year Old Boys 2017 with Affordable Price

1# The Learning Journey Match It

The Learning Journey Match It

4 is a perfect age for your boy to start learning spellings and language skills. This learning toy has been designed for this purpose. It is a puzzle game which comes with spelling cards and pictures. There are total 20 cards included in one box. A spelling could be consisting of three or four puzzle cards. To make it more interesting for the kids, the company has added graphics with the spellings. All the cards only contain very common words to help your kids in learning. The card will be only fixing with other if its matches the spelling. The size of the card is roughly 3 inched in length and width. It made with hard material to keep it long lasting but it is not durable but you can laminate them for extra protection. > Buy Now

2# Creative Straw Set

Creative Straw Set

This is one of those toys for 4 year old boys which you should not ignore. This toy is the mixture of puzzles and LEGO because many buildings can be constructed with it. It’s come with total 300 education pieces to help 4 year old boys in learning and enhancing building skills. It is a straw based LEGO set, The 300 pieces includes 150 straws and 150 construction parts. To make it more interesting learning toy for your kids the company has added many parts in the kit. This set includes 4 wheel, spanner, bolts, nuts, wrench and a big plastic box to keep all of these pieces safe. The manual of creating different models is also included in the kit. It is one of the cheapest learning toys for 4 year old boys. If the models have been building properly, then your 4 year old boy can make something bigger than his own height.> Buy Now

3# Kidoozie Foam Pogo Jumper

Kidoozie Foam Pogo Jumper

List of toys for 4 year old boys could not be completed without talking about a jumper. Pogo jumpers are usually designed for teens because it could be difficult to jump on it, but not this one. This is a plastic made pogo jumper which has been specially designed for 4 year old boys. It has adjustable sizes and support up to 250 pounds in weight. It means that even parents can also jump on this pogo jumper without hurting themselves. To make it comfortable for kids, the company has added foam on the handle where its overall design is covered with foam for safety play. The squeaky sound system is also added in the base of the pogo. It will sound every time when your kids will jump. Due to its soft and cushiony base, it can be used to jump on any surface including driveways, carpet and sidewalk. There is no assembly required to play with this jumper.> Buy Now

4# 3Foot Trampoline by Little Tikes

Foot Trampoline by Little Tikes

Kids at the age of 2-5 love jumping. The collection of gifts without a jumper or trampoline is incomplete. This is a very stable trampoline which has been designed for growing kids. It will help your kid to keep busy in day time. More than one kid at a time can jump. It is also a great gift item for kids which will help to burn of energy.> Buy Now

5# VTech Little Apps Tablet

VTech Little Apps Tablet

This cute little piano is not just a piano but a complete learning toy to help your kids to learn basic alphabets. The company named it as an app tablet due to number of options included in this toy. In the time of technology when kids want Smartphone to play game, it is better idea to give them this tablet. It required batteries to run it which comes with the toy for free. There are total 12 different learning activities in this toy. Each learning activity has different sound system for differentiation. There is option to mute and control the volume. To make it long lasted, the company has added the option of automatic shut-off. The LCD’s lights also get changed with the change of activity or when the button has been pressed. Children songs, fun phrases, basic games and melodies make this toy a perfect for growing kids.> Buy Now

6# TotSports T-Ball Set

TotSports T-Ball Set

This is a toy to keep you 4 year old busy in outdoor activity. It is very basic T-ball set to build the basic skills of baseball in growing kids. If your kids love to play baseball or you want to introduce a sports to them. Then try this toy for them. It is made with hard plastic to keep your kids safe from any injury. Its plastic material made it a durable product. Your kids can be play with this T-Ball in any weather including rain. This set comes with two balls and one baseball bat. Its base is designed in this way to keep balls and bat in one place safe. The total height of this T set is 21.5 inches which make is one of perfect for 4 year old boys. The T of this can be adjusted according to the height of your boy. Overall it is a great toy to help your growing kids to build hand-eye coordination skills and strength their muscles.> Buy Now

7# Car Gift Pack

Car Gift Pack

There are always different cars in the toys for 4 year old boys but this car set comes up with other vehicles too. These cars set comes up with total 9 cars including 1 helicopter, school bus, racing cars and others. This set of cars is very cheap is price. Each box of car set comes up with different cars so you can purchase it multiple times to increase the collection of you 4 year old boy’s cars. The size of each car is approximately 3 inches. Each and every car is different in decoration and colors to keep it more interesting for the kids. It’s come with a big box to keep them safe when your kids are not playing with it. All the part of these vehicles are manufactures with good quality of plastic to keep them safe from damage, They are also durable and can be played in bath tub.> Buy Now

8# Folding Kiddie Kick Scooter

Folding Kiddie Kick Scooter

If your four year old boy love outdoor activities then consider this scooter for him. Its flexible design allows your kids to ride with more stability. It is made with high quality steel, plastic and aluminum to increase its life. It is durable and can be use on wet surface too. Its folding option allows you to carry it with you when you are travelling. Its small size can be fixing in any place of your house or toys draw. The handle of this scooter is covered with soft foams to keep it comfortable for your kids while there are riding on the road.> Buy Now

9# Kidizoom Smart Watch

Kidizoom Smart Watch

In the era of technology, the list of toys for 4 year old boys could not be complete without adding this smart watch in it. This smart watch has many advance technology features including camera, games, music and voice recorder. 0.3 MP camera is features to record video and takes pictures. The voice recorder allows your kids to record voices where there are fun games featured. Other applications includes in this watch is stopwatch, alarm, timer, calendar and calculator etc.> Buy Now

10# Fisher-Price Harley-Davidson Motorcycles Tough Trike

Fisher-Price Harley-Davidson Motorcycles Tough Trike

Your four year will love this three wheel motorcycle. It is made with a good quality plastic to keep it safe from water where other safety elements have been added during its manufacturing. It has stable wheel with base to keep the ride safe for you 4 year old boy.> Buy Now is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, and we get a commission on purchases made through our links.