Top Ten Highest-Paying Technology Companies in America – 2012


Last updated September 15th, 2013 at 09:47 pm

Are you looking for a job, this post must be helpful for you in deciding where to apply. Here you find the comparison report of the top ten highest paying salaries and based on starting salaries.




NIVIDIA, an American technology company, famous for graphic designing around the world. It earns around $1.04 Billion dollar revenue per year with an amazing growth ratio of 12.9 percent per annul. Currently, the company has started producing processors for Smartphones and Tablets named as Tegra. NIVIDA is considered one of the highest salary offering company in America. The average salary ratio is 41% higher in Nividia as compared to all jobs offered in the market. They started salary is $97,000.



Everyone is well familiar with this brand name; it’s a large software manufacturing company in the world that develops software’s and a wide range of computing products. The total revenue of the company is more than $16 Billion dollars per annum with the significant increase in profit yearly. Its new smashing product is Windows 8 which is considered a new revolution in IT industry. This giant company starts salary from $91,500 dollars.



The revenue of $2.27 Billion dollars in 2012 and rapid growth with 37 percent every year makes the SALESFORCE.COM technology company on the third step in high paid salaries to its employees. It starts the salary from $88,900 dollars. The company has gained very good and known reputation in CRM (Customer Relationship Management) products.



It offers internet related products and service, such as search, software’s and advertising technologies. GOOGLE is mostly generated is revenue from the Ads. The company enjoys the collective revenue of more than $28.9 Billion dollars for the year 2012 and its growth ratio is wonderful by 28 percent per annum. Google is offering $87,500 to its employees which are the fourth top most figures around America.



The company on fifth number was founded in 1982. The revenue of this multinational company is exceeding $2 Billion dollars with an annual increment of eighteen percent per year in 2012. It is very popular in producing internet application software such Adobe Photoshop, Acrobat, Firework, ColdFusion and many more. Adobe is offering $86,200 from the very first month of joining.



Like Google, Yahoo Inc is also an American based search engine and a web. It was working from 1994 and get more than eight million visitors every month. The annual revenue of this company launches up to $4.98 billion dollars with the increasing ratio of 28 percent every year. The company is paying a very handsome salary of $81,100 thousand dollars initially to its professionals. By doing this Yahoo! Is listing on sixth position in American in regarding salaries.



The national or international famous American brand Intel is renowned chip maker as it was created the world’s first microprocessor chip in 1971. Intel has recently introduced its third-generation core processor in the first quarter of 2012. The total net revenue of this big bang is generating $28.28 billion dollars income for the year of 2012 and offering salaries from $80,500 dollars.

8: ebay Inc


According to the annual income statement of the company, eBay Inc is producing a revenue of more than $   . eBay, Inc is an American largest consumer-to-consumer corporation which was founded in 1995. On ebay, the employees will get $80,100 salary and more than twenty seven thousand employees are working with ebay.



Another well known and well respected multinational brand in the field of technology is an Oracle Corp. It is third largest software making company in the world after IBM and MICROSOFT. Oracle is a billionaire company which has the total assets of $80 billion dollars and more than one hundred thousand employees are on board. The company has an amazing track record of generating revenue of $40 billion dollars with the average growth rate of 20 percent each year. The salary starts here in Oracle Corporation from $78,100.



NOKIA is a very popular brand name in the field of technology of communications and the world’s second largest mobile phone manufacture company after Samsung. The company’s revenue turn around $38 Billion dollars with the global market share rate of around 22.5% annually. There are over one thousand employees across more than hundred countries in the world are connected here. You can easily get $74,400 dollars salary per month in Nokia.

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