Top Study Universities of in Spain 2015

University of Valencia

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International Studies are very fast becoming “the thing” for today’s youth. It helps them in providing the needed exposure and also aids them in shaping a great career for themselves. Among the many nations that are becoming the hot favorite destination for studying, Spain is also one of them. Spain is being chosen by many students around the world for their higher studies and they are opting for varied courses in the country.


Top Study Universities of in Spain 2015

Top Study Universities of in Spain 2015 that one can look forward to for studying are:

1) University Of Navarra

University of Navarra, situated in Pamplona was founded in 1457 with the motto “Quid Ultra Faciam?” meaning “What more should I do?” JavierEchevarríais is President of this University. There are about 14,820 students who study in this public university at present.

University Of Navarra

2) University Of Barcelona

The University of Barcelona, translated as Universitat de Barcelona in Spanish ranks top among all universities in Spain. This university was established on November 3, 1450. President of the university assures that the University is public with a total strength of 90,644.

University Of Barcelona

3) Autonomous University of Madrid

This is the 2nd best University of Spain located in the Madrid city. The university was founded in 1968 with the motto “Quid Ultra Faciam?”José MaríaSanzMartínez, President of the university assures it to be a public university with total student strength of 36,118.

Autonomous University of Madrid

4) University Of Murcia

It is the largest university in Region de Murcia. Most of its facilities are extended over two campuses. La Merced, the older one which was made in 1272 and Espinardo, which is its current campus and was brought in existence in around 1915. It counts about 2,800 staff members and 32,000 students.

University Of Murcia

5) University of Valencia

This University is situated in Valencian Community, Spain. It ranks 4th among all other universities. It is basically one public university established in the year 1499. It has a total strength of 53,000. It is one of the oldest university in Spain and has three campuses.

University of Valencia

6) University Pompeu Fabra

This University is located in Barcelona, Catalonia. It was formed in 1990 and is not much older but still has made its mark in list of top universities in Spain. The university was awarded with an International Excellence campus in 2010. It was named after Pompeu Fabra, a Catalan philologist. The university offers 60 UPF master degree, 9 PhD courses, 37 masters and 19 undergraduate courses.

University Pompeu Fabra

7) Complutense University Of Madrid

It is one of the first-born universities of the world. It came into existence on May 20, 1293. There are about 75,000 undergraduates and 11,400 postgraduates pursuing courses in the university.

Complutense University Of Madrid

8) University of Malaga

This is a public university which was recognized in 1972. It has its campus in Malaga and consists of about 40,000 students and 2,000 staff members. President of Universidad de Mallaga is Adelaida de la Calle. It holds the 9th position in the list of top 10 universities in Spain.

University of Malaga

9) Comillas Pontifical University

Universidad PontificaComillas de Madrid ranks 7th in the list of top Universities in Spain. Its motto is “The Value of Excellence”. This is a Pontifical university and its establishment occurred in 1890. There are about 9,300 students pursuing courses in the university.

Comillas Pontifical University

10) University of Castilla-La Mancha

The University was formed in 1985 and is one of the largest universities in the world. Ernesto MartínezAtaz is President of the university and according to him there are about 26,729 students present in the university.

University of Castilla-La Mancha

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