Top Font Apps to use in iPhone and iPad

Some Great and Useful Font Apps to use in iPhone and iPad

Last updated January 25th, 2015 at 02:10 pm

So, you are a proud owner of an iOS device and you are always looking forward to try new apps that come in the market right? Well, in this post, I’m going to introduce you with some great font apps that you can install in your iPhone or iPad, whatever you own. iOS users often find themselves in a trouble when they want to customize a text with a different font but since there is no native font apps available in iOS devices, either you have to leave this option or rely on third part apps. The problem with third party apps is that, not all such apps can be trusted but in this post, you will get information about some such font apps that are not only trustworthy but you will also love using them in your iPhone or iPad. Some of the Font apps are free and some are paid apps but the choice is yours. Today i am sharing with yout the list of Top Font Apps to use in iPhone and iPad.


Top Font Apps to use in iPhone and iPad

Top Font Apps to use in iPhone and iPad


Perhaps, you already know about this font app that can be found easily in the app store. The best thing that I like about FontBrowser is its simplicity and variety of fonts. Not only that you will find this app easy to use but finding a particular font will be no trouble for you at all. If you are a software developer then you will definitely fall in love with this device.

FontBrowser Font Apps


This is an interesting app to use because not only you can use the default fonts available in it but you can also create some other fonts of your choice using the same app as well. The fonts that you will find or create in this app can also be used to write a message and that is the real fun part about this app. To be honest with you, I’m really in love with this simple to use and elegant app.

FontMaker Font Apps


If you see a font and you want to use it in your iPhone or iPad but it is not available in your device then you should not worry at all. With the help of WhatTheFont, you can search for any font that comes in front of your eyes. You may not know about the name of a particular font but when you will let this app have a look at that font, it will tell you complete history of that font so you can find it and use it in your iOS device.

WhatTheFont Font Apps

Font Designer

If you are a designer or developer and you are buy designing a particular user interface then choosing a good font that fits the UI of your app or website can be difficult. However, you can leave all your worries behind now because with the help of Font Designer, you can let your device choose what kind of font will look good on the UI of your website or application that is under the designing process at the moment. I have found this app very helpful at many times and I also encourage you to give it a try.

Font Designer Font AppsSo, which one of above mentioned Top Font Apps to use in iPhone and iPad is your favourite and did you tried any of them before? is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, and we get a commission on purchases made through our links.