Top Email Marketing Strategies 2015

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Email has the highest conversion rate as compared with any other online marketing channel. It is the most personal or direct way to contact with someone. Now people are using their Twitter follower or Facebook accounts rather than an email address. As ninety percent of people use one Inbox for both and work emails. So email marketing tactics needs to be improve successfully. Check Top Email Marketing Strategies 2015.


Top Email Marketing Strategies 2015

Top Email Marketing Strategies

The following tactics should help you in overcomes these hurdles.

1 – Send Visual Emails

Using videos in email messages with embedded video can increase clicks and conversations.  Some people assume that plain text email might be better because it’s more personal and professional. But visual emails and images could elaborate your point more easily.

2 – Best Performing

You should always know the peak days and times to perform your email marketing strategy campaigns. As click through rate CTR is higher on weekends and unsubscribe rate is higher on Tuesday.  So it is recommended that you can send your experimental emails on Saturday and Sunday between 4.00 am to 8.00 am.

3 – Use Google Analytic

Google Analytic is a free tool to measure your email marketing strategy and success of your email campaign. You can monitor your performance easily and effectively.

4 – Send Emails Frequently

You may try to experiment with sending emails and keep an eye on your click through and unsubscribe rate for your each email. You should send emails frequently, as sending at least one email per week and your unsubscribe rate falls dramatically.

5 – Exclusivity

Exclusivity is the most popular reasons that people subscribe to email newsletters and this will makes the feeling in people’s mind that their participation is very important and valuable.  Always think different ways that you can provide people with something special like priority entry to an event or first shot at new product.

6 – Relevance with Segmentation

“Relevance” is one of the reasons that people subscribe to email newsletters. In order to improve your relevancy, increase it through segmentation. Separate your email subscribers into smaller groups based on their actions and other attributes.

7 – Create a Community through Special Offers

People subscribe to email newsletter is for “Special Offers”. Create community to get people through deals and offers like free coupons or trial offers. You can also use content incentives like e-books with less than 5 pages.

8 – Select Strong Subject Lines

Everyone gets so many emails everyday and sometimes people never read or even click on your offers. So people are scanning their inbox to see the subject lines of emails. It is clear that people read only those emails that can benefit them. If you want the better results than personalize your email with powerful subject lines.

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