Top 6 Android Application Development Companies

Top Android Application Development Companies

Last updated August 27th, 2014 at 09:56 pm

There are hundred and thousands of companies present online and developing new apps in the market. But I have selected 10 out of hundreds as top leading development companies from the web. I have selected on the basic of reputation, frequency of developing new apps, rating and reviews by users and popularity of their apps.  Below is the list of companies with their scores.


Top Android Application Development Companies


This company was founded in 2009. It is based in Santa Monica of United States. It currently has more that $5 millions in their reserves. More than 150 employees are working in this company. Its profile score is 9.7 and portfolio score is 10 out of 10.It develops both mobile phone apps as well as Android apps. Currently it is developing 50% of its apps in Mobile and 35% in Android. Their slogan is “We Make Mobile Beautiful”

Willow Tree Apps

Based in Charlottesville of United States, it was founded in 2008 and now it has revenues of $1 to $3 millions. The numbers of employees are not more than 50. Its profile score is 9.9 and portfolio score is 9. It mainly focuses on Mobile apps but it is also developing 35% Android apps.

Y Media Labs

Y Media Lab is another United States based company located in San Francisco. It basically deals in Mobile App Design and Development. It has more than 150 employees. Its profile score is 9.4 and portfolio score is 10. It is developing 80% of mobile apps and 20% Android apps. This company has build best influence over market in short period of time.

Impiger Mobile Inc.

United States based company founded in 2004. Revenue is more than $1.5 millions. Almost 100 employees are working under this organization. Almost 50 clients are dealing with this organization. Its profile score is 9.5 and portfolio score is 9.4. It mostly develops mobile apps.

CDN Mobile Solutions

Indian based company working in Indore city. Leading mobile application development Company in India. 200 employees are working under this organization. It is developing 27% of Mobile apps and 35% of Android apps. There mainly focus is on Android apps. There profile score is 9.2 and portfolio score is 9.0. It is number 1 in India but on number 5 in global ranking.

Rapid Value

Rapid value is US based company located in California. Established in the year 2008, it has revenue of more than $500,000. Only 6-10 employees are working for this company. 34 active clients deal in Android and Mobile apps. Well established company with minimum employee load.

Blue Whale Apps

Located in city Wellington of United States, it is Professional Mobile and Development Company. With very limited employees that are not more than 10, it basically focuses on Mobile Apps and developing 100% mobile apps. It also develops Android apps and it is 33% of its production. It has profile score of 9.5 and portfolio score is 9.0.

These are some companies who are well known in market. I have presented a short intro and their reputation about them in market.

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