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Last updated July 23rd, 2015 at 09:54 pm

New Year Is only some days away from us, everyone is deciding and planning to celebrate this new year of 2016. Like the previous celebrations this time people have more plans to enjoy new year with full passion. Especially people are preparing themselves for the New Year Night party. On the last date of this December, which is the last month of this going year 2015, when the clock will set on 00:00 on the last night of this year everyone will start celebrating new year 2016. There is a very important tool which people use on all special events to wish other people, The name of this tool is SMS, people send relevant SMS to other on every event to wish others. On the New year celebrations people do same, they text everybody, to friends, to relatives and to mates. On Internet there are a lot of websites which provide ideas for New Year SMS, if you are not good in text then do not worry at all just read our list of Top 5 Website for New Year 2016 SMS.


Top 5 Website for New Year 2016 SMS

Top 5 Website for New Year 2016 SMS


SMS2EveryOne is a website which is totally dedicated to the SMS collections, here you can find SMS of any, from jokes to poetry, from kiss to love SMS, from life to Marriage SMS and other SMS categories are also there. Now at the time of this New Year 2016 they have published new and fresh collection of the New Year SMS, you can find best New Year 2016 SMS there. An Example Of New Year SMS from this website is following.


This is a also a very popular website on the internet for the entertaining collection of the SMS. On this website you can not only get Free SMS collection but you can also get nice collection of E-Cards of different types, on this websites you can also play online free Games if you have addiction for games too. But most importantly this Websites also have fresh stock for the New Year 2016 SMS, So, you can get best and nice New Year SMS her in this Website. An example of the New Year SMS Collection they have is below.


YouMint is also a well known online SMS store, here also you can get SMS collection of  a lot of categories, like, wedding, Christmas, Independence, Valentine and SMS of all other Categories, But most importantly they have new Year 2016 collection for celebrating this new year night. You can find best New Year 2016 SMS on this website  and you can wish anyone you would like to wish. Following is a SMS from the New Year 2016 SMS  collection on this website.


SMS Dose as its name show that its a website dedicated to the SMS collections, like the websites described above here in this website you can also find SMS collection of all the Categories. This website also have published new Year 2016 SMS collection which is nice and Beautiful one SMS from this fresh collection of the SMS is below.

5: is also a SMS related Website, which also provide SMS collections in different categories. If you have some keen thinking  and you want to submit your own created SMS online then this website can help you because it accept SMS from all the people. An example SMS from the new year 2016 sms collection of SMS2Friends is below.

So this is the list of Top 5 Website for New Year 2016 SMS, we hope this list will help you a lot, but stay stay in touch with us because their is coming more. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, and we get a commission on purchases made through our links.