Top 5 VOIP Apps For Android To Call Any Phone Number In The World


Last updated September 15th, 2013 at 09:37 pm

Android is one of the famous smartphone operating system in the market of today and its becoming more and more popular. Android operating system means “infinity”, I mean that you can do every type of work in your Android device. You can make office reports, you can make notes, you can zip and unzip files, you can watch movies online, you can watch live TV, you can stay connected with whole social world through internet or through in-built WiFi connection. Another important thing that people are doing on their Android devices is Call making through internet. People make these Calls through VOIP and Other call making Apps. Today there are a lot of these Types of Apps, for example Skype, The difference between VOIP and non VOIP Apps is that through VOIP apps you can make calls to any phone number in the whole world but through non VOIP apps you can only make app to app calls.There are a lot of these types of Apps in Android App market and Following are the Top 5 VOIP Apps For Android To Call Any Phone Number In The World.


1: Skype

Skype a very famous App in the Android market in this category of Apps. Almost every smartphone of every type have this app in it. Through this app you can not only make app to app calls using internet but you can also make call to any phone number in the world using Skype credits which are very affordable, This mean that Skype is a VOIP app too.

2: WiCall

Wicall is another good to Have VOIP android app. This android communication app is only VOIP app. So, you can make calls to anywhere in the world to any phone number. Other mobile to which you are making calls do not require any kind of internet connection or WiFi. You just need Credits which are cheaper than Skype.

3: 3CX Phone

3CX phone is another good VOIP app. This app is third most popular VOIP app in the Android Market. This app is also only VOIP App mean to make calls to any phone number in the whole world. The App’s interface is very good and easy to use. This App can also be used as phone extension.

4: VOIP – Call Cheaper than Skype

This app VOIP – Call Cheaper Than Skype is directly targeting Skype rates, according to them their rates are 67% less than that of Skype. Its true that their rates are less than Skype but not as much as they are saying but if you usually use VOIP then You should try this app.

5: Tango

Tango is only a only app to app call making app, but it is a very useful communication app. Tango is very famous in the eastern countries like Japan and Korea. This app is very simple and it do not require any sign up. This app automatically search other contacts from your contact list who have installed Tango is their devices. This is also available for windows phone, iPhone and Windows.

So, this is the list of Top 5 VOIP Apps For Android To Call Any Phone Number In The World in the android app market. We hope these android apps will make your communication with others more stronger, but stay in touch with us because their is coming more. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, and we get a commission on purchases made through our links.