Top 5 Strange Mental Disorders In Humans

Some Strange Mental Conditions That Are Found In Humans

Last updated February 27th, 2015 at 11:57 pm

You know what is the main difference between humans and all other creatures of the world? We have got a brain. Though, the capacity and ability of everyone about using their brain is different from one another but the point is; we can use our brains. Obviously, if you are using something, it is meant to get broken, go out of order or if it is a living thing like your brain, it can become sick. In this post, we are going to talk about some of the strangest mental conditions that are found in the world. In ancient times, many people with such mental conditions were considered be under some kind of spell but now, with the help of advanced medical technology and research, we know the names of these mental conditions and what a person can do if he suffers from any of those conditions.


Top 5 Strange Mental Disorders In Humans

Top 5 Strange Mental Disorders In Humans

1. The Jumping Frenchmen of Maine

The name of this mental condition may look very wonderful to you but the people who suffer from it spend a miserable life. They don’t have a complete control over their brain. The name, Jumping Frenchmen of Maine, has been given to this condition because a person suffering from it can jump and obey any command given to him/ her instantly. This command can be anything like slap on your face, drink 5 glasses of water at a time or hit anyone close to you.

2. Objectum Sexuality

Don’t go at the sexual name of this disease because a person who develops some serious sexual emotions to an object cannot live a good social life. Of course, we love the things that we own. If you have bought a new car, you must be in love with that car but it doesn’t mean that you start expecting that car to fulfill your sexual desires too. Unfortunately, the people suffering from this disorder have such feelings and it is really sick.

3. Foreign Accent Syndrome

Have you ever seen someone in your surrounding who is native of your country and speaks the same language as you do but his/ her accent is strange? This is what we call a foreign accent syndrome. Normally, we find someone really attractive when they have a nice foreign accent but before you go ahead and decide to let them in your pants, make sure that they are not suffering from foreign accent syndrome.

4. Dr. Strangelove Syndrome

Have you ever thought that your hands can start thinking and acting on their own? Well, it actually happens in the world. A condition in which you cannot control your hand when it wants to do something on its own is called Dr. Strangelove Syndrome. This condition is also commonly known as “Alien Hands”.

5. Mythomania

People lie all the time but most of the people can control their lies too. If you are lying, you may have a solid reason for those but there are certain people who cannot control their habit of lying and no matter what, they will always lie and also come up with a proper explanation to cover up that lie as well. This condition is called Mythomania.

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