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Last updated January 30th, 2015 at 11:13 am

New year 2016 which is coming in the coming few days, and the present year 2016 is at its end. People celebrate this event every year at the end of any year. When the night of new year comes people start celebrating new year. People do a lot of things to celebrate new year. People enjoy new year with different style, people arrange night party (of course new year starts at 00:00 of night). They invite friends and all the friends gather at one place and celebrate new year together. New year’s night is the perfect event to see beautiful fireworks around the cities. But mostly people send other e cards and greeting cards to their friends to wish them new year, there is another thing which people use to greet other people, that is Quotes, In this article we will tell you about Top 5 New Year 2016 Quotes to Greet others, following they are.


Top 5 New Year 2016 Quotes to Greet

Top 5 New Year 2016 Quotes to Greet

1: New Starting:

If you have done some little mistakes in the past, in this year 2015 then new year will be the right chance for you to forget those bad days and have new and good start by simply following the Quote below.

Be happy to see this new year in your life forget all the mistakes happened by you in the past, and start a new and fresh life.

2: New Year Is here:

Another new year is here, forget all the things bad which was happened to you in the previous year, you can get a better start because It never been late to become good, just follow the quote below.

Its never been late to become good and man of rules, because it is always helpful, just start a new life with the help of this fresh sunshine of the first day of this new year 2016.

3: Make your promise tough:

If you have some incomplete important work in your mind which you have not completed in this year 2015, then you should complete the incomplete works, because it is said by the following quite.

This is new year, which could be started with less burden. For that you have to complete the incomplete works of yours to take of burden from your mind.

4: Think about yourself:

If you have not gain success yet in your life, then its your fault and that’s not mean you can’t turn this into a opportunity. You can make your way in this world of competition. On this New year 2016 night do something different, leave the night party and sit alone in a natural place to think about yourself, because the following words of Bill Gates of Microsoft will make you think.

If you born poor its not your fault but if you die poor its your fault.

5: Draw Some Changes:

In the previous time which has gone, forget about it. Become a different person in the new year, draw some changes in yourself, pull out the bad habits which are inside you and fill yourself with good deeds. Learn to distribute happiness among all the people all over the world. Importantly never feel yourself alone because God is with you and just see the last quote of this collection of quotes here.

Alfred Lord Tennyson said:
Ring out the old, ring in the new,
Ring, happy bells, across the snow:
The year is going, let him go;
Ring out the false, ring in the true.

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