Top 5 Multimedia VOIP Phones That You Should Try

Top 5 Multimedia VOIP Phones

Last updated September 15th, 2013 at 09:49 pm

If you are really sick and tired of paying too much bills to your local telecommunication service providers for making calls from your home or office phone than we have a solid solution for you which can save a lot of dollars of you. The solution is VOIP ( Voice Over IP) which use internet connections to make calls to other number to the whole world. VOIP phones use internet connection to make calls from one phone to another. This method of making phone calls is usually very affordable then the normal one. Almost everyone have one internet connection in their homes or offices, if your phone bill is really disturbing you then you should give VOIP phones a try. There are many VOIP phones of many types in the market but we have selected top 5 VOIP phones that you should try, they are following.


Top 5 Multimedia VOIP Phones


1: GrandStream GXP2200

GrandStream GXP2200 is one of the best VOIP phones manufactured by Grand Stream. As VOIP phones use internet to make calls over the world then what if you can also do web surfing on these VOIP phones, what if you play online games on these VOIP phones, what if you have a smartphone in them? If you want these type of features in your VOIP phone then this VOIP phone could be you choice. Because this VOIP phone have Android operating system 2.3 which is Gingerbread. You can do all the stuff which you can do on your smartphone on this VOIP phone, it have 410×272 capacitive touch screen in it too. You can Buy this phone for just 229 dollars.

GrandStream GXP2200

2: RCA IP 150

This is another amazing VOIP phone in this list of top 5 best VOIP phones you should try. This VOIP phone is manufactured by RCA and it also have Android operating System in it. Unlikely it does not have Android Gingerbread in it but it have Android Froyo 2.1, which is installed in Sony Ericson Xperia X10 mini pro. So you can enjoy your VOIP phone as equal to Xperia smartphone. This product is little bit expensive then mentioned before, it is of 399 dollars.

 RCA IP 150


3: Panasonic KX-UT670

Panasonic KX-UT670 is also an amazing VOIP phone by the manufacture Panasonic. This product is also known as multimedia VOIP phone but unlike than the both mentioned above it does not have Android installed in them and not windows or mac too. But it simply have Linux based open source operating system in it. It is a totally touch VOIP phone with no buttons, its screen size is 7 inch but its price is also high its of $455.

Panasonic KX-UT670


4: Cisco SPA525G2

Cisco SPA252G2 is another best choice among Multimedia VOIP phones. This VOIP phone also have Bluetooth and WiFi in it. It also have popular functions like conference call, call forwarding, hold on music, ID blocking and others. This product is of 200 dollars.

Cisco SPA525G2


5: CloudTC Glass

CloudTC Glass is another Android Operating system VOIP phone by CloudTC. This VOIP phone also have Android 2.1 Froyo in it. It is also a complete touch screen phone with no keypad. It look like a desktop computer which gives great look to viewer. You can buy this VOIP phone for $599.

CloudTC Glass


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