Top 5 Mobile Operators of 2015

Top 5 Mobile Operators For 2012

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The thing for which mobiles were invented is the “Communication of the people with each other” and to keep this connectivity on the go there are some active bodies which are working hard day and night. These active bodies are known as “mobile operators”, they are operating mobiles all over the world with the help of a small “Sim card”. They do not only provide signals to make calls to any phone in the world but they are also providing fast internet connections like 3G and 4G internet, and you better know what internet really is. There are hundreds of mobile operators in the world know, some are bad, some are average, some are good and some are just outstanding. The quality of mobile operator relates to its service quality like, quality of voice (importantly), signal strength (most important), up and down times, area operating in and some other factors are there. As we said earlier that there are 100s of mobile operators in the world, now we can’t tell you the name of each (sorry for that) but in this list we are going to present a List Of World’s Top 5 Mobile Operators of 2015 ruling the cellular world and below is a complete list about that.


Top 5 Mobile Operators of 2015

5: Telenor

Telenor one of the leading telecommunication company from Norway and its active since decades. Telenor was founded in 1855 and from that time it is known as a name of quality. Telenor keep itself always updated and with the time to be on people hopes. At this time, Telenor is operating in 11 different countries of the world across Asia and Europe. The number of users gained by this Norwegian telecom company in 11 countries are near 203 million. Telenor is very famous for its “Internet and Voice quality”, it is providing both 3G and 4G in some countries and still Telenor is spreading its network in more countries.

Top 5 Mobile Operators of 2015

4: America Movil

America Movil the 4th ranked telecommunication company in the world, America Movil was established in 2000 in Mexico which is its headquarter in the Mexico state of Latin America. America Movil is operating in 18 states of Latin America with 260 million subscribers, it is not only operating mobiles but it is also providing broadband, fixed line and importantly it have also got 15 million digital TV subscribers.

America Movil


3: Telefonica

Telefonica is the third largest mobile operating network among all of the mobile operators. Do you now the popular mobile operator O2 in Europe work under the label of Telefonica? Telefonica is also very experienced telecommunication company which was founded in 1924 in Spain its headquarter is in Madrid which is a popular industrial city. As other mobile operators Telefonica also provide some other services like fixed line and digital TV.



2: Vodafone

The second largest mobile operating company is here which is Vodafone. The British telecommunication company with its headquarter in London is currently operating in 30 countries and running joint ventures in other 40 additional countries in different regions. Total number of subscribers gained by this company is 439 million (its huge). It is also providing internet and digital TV services.


1: China Mobile

Chine mobile is the worlds largest telecommunication network, it was founded in 1997. The interesting thing about China Mobile is that its directly operated by the Chinese government, the number of subscribers for this company is 703 million (its more then huge). Chine Mobile is currently operating in China, Bangkok and proudly in Pakistan with the logo of “Zong”.

China Mobile

So, this is the List Of Top 5 Mobile Operators of 2015, This ranking was on the basis of number of subscribers, we hope you will enjoy this informative stuff. But stay in touch with us because there is coming more. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, and we get a commission on purchases made through our links.