Top 5 Hardest Languages to Learn

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Last updated February 28th, 2015 at 12:24 am

We all want to do something new in our life and since the New Year has finally arrived, you must be thinking about doing some adventurous stuff during the year, aren’t you? Well, I can give you a lot of ideas because when it comes to trying new things and adventures, my mind starts working like a factory where not only ideas are processed but new ideas are created as well. However, I understand that not everyone is capable of doing the hardest things in the world as it highly depends on you capabilities and aptitude as well.


Top 5 Hardest Languages to Learn

Top 5 Hardest Languages to Learn

Still, there is something that anyone can do at least someone who has good academic background. If you want to learn something new so you can impress your friends then why not learn a new language? Don’t go all the way shouting that why you should learn a new language when your native language is working fine for you. At any stage in life, you can confront a situation where an additional language can be really helpful. So, keeping this fact in mind, I’m going to suggest you 5 different languages. Of course, you can select which language you would like to learn.

I must inform you here that I’m not a language expert but since we all live in this world of information, I happen to come across some of the languages that are considered as the hardest languages all over the world. English is not my native language but I learned it anyway because I could find better career opportunities so you never know what kind of advantage an additional language can bring for you.

5) Hungarian Language

You can easily get an idea that this is the native language of people who live in Hungary. If you ever visit Hungary, you will be required to speak in their native language because they really don’t like to learn other languages. Still, it is not that easy to learn this language because learning it will be an alien concept for anyone. However, with little effort, patience and consistency, anyone can learn any language right?

Hungarian Language

4) Korean Language

There is a very strong reason why a person should learn Korean language. We all know that Korea is a hub for technology so if you ever want to go to this country then you will have to learn their language as apparently, Korean people are not that good with English or any other foreign language. The good thing about Korean language is that, you can find many institutes that offer courses in this language.

Korean Language

3) Japanese Language

Many people think that Japanese and Chinese are same languages but in fact, both are different from each other. In our list, Japanese language is on number three position because it is also a hard to learn language in the world.

Japanese Language

2) Chinese Language

Don’t ask me why a person should learn Chinese language. China is the biggest industrial hub right now and Chinese people aren’t good with English too. That makes it quite obvious that a person should know how to speak or understand Chinese language.

Chinese Language

1) Arabic Language

In all the Arab countries, Arabic is used as the native language. Even the religious book of Muslims (Quran) is also written in Arabic. Since, entire world is moving to Middle East for getting better jobs, Arabic language can become very handy in such situation.

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