Top 5 Free FTP Clients For The Bloggers

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Last updated July 11th, 2018 at 01:00 am

FTP clients are used to transfer files between the servers. Mostly web masters use FTP clients to upload or download files from their web server. Specially while transferring websites from one server to another, website owners use FTP clients for transferring data from one hosting to another. There are many FTP clients which are being used to done this job but today we are going to list Top 5 Free FTP Clients For The Bloggers. All these services are free to use but have all of them have necessary features needed for transferring files.


1. CoreFTP LE

CoreFTP is a premium feature rich FTP client but its also have a free version which is totally free to use. Although its a free version but it also have useful features like browser integration, you can drag and drop files which you want to transfer between the server, you can view and edit the files between the transfer, file filters. Most importantly it also support custom commands, so you can use custom commands to speed up the process.

coreFTP - Top 5 Free FTP Clients For The Bloggers

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2. Cyberduck – Top 5 Free FTP Clients For The Bloggers

Cyberduck is also another best FTP client which you can use to transfer files between the servers. You can also drag and drop files, users can also edit files, they can also integrate with any external edit application. Cyberduck is not just a FTP client because its users can also connect it with Google drive, windows Azure, Amazon S3 and other cloud based service to transfer files between them. Cyberduck is compatible with both windows and MAC operating system.

cyber duck -  Top 5 Free FTP Clients For The Bloggers

3. Filezilla – Free FTP Clients

FileZilla is a well known FTP client right now and many hosting providers have also integrated FileZilla with cPanel as default FTP client for their users. FileZilla is an open source and obviously a free to use service. It also support drag and drop, users can pause and resume the download. Users can also configure transfer speed limits and there are many other useful features which FileZilla users can enjoy while transferring files.

filezilla  -  Top 5 Free FTP Clients For The Bloggers

4. FireFTP

FireFTP is not a proper FTP client but its a Mozilla Firefox extension which turns Firefox browser into a FTP client. Using FireFTP is very easy, users just need to enter the username and password to start downloading or uploading files. FireFTP is compatible with Linux, Windows and Mac operating system but users must have Mozilla Firefox web browser. FireFTP also have useful features like drag, drop and remote editing.

FireFTP  -  Top 5 Free FTP Clients For The Bloggers

5. Right Load

Right load is another great way to transfer files between the servers. Having Right load is very necessary for every internet user because Right Load don’t only allow its users to transfer files between the servers but its users can also upload photos to Facebook and Flickr with right click of the mouse. To upload any file or folder just right click on it and then click on “upload with rightload” and that’s it.

Right load  -  Top 5 Free FTP Clients For The Bloggers

So, this is the list of top 5 best free FTP clients for the bloggers to transfer files easily between the servers. All of these FTP clients are not only free to use but they also have all of the basic features like drag n drop, remote editing, browser integration and others. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, and we get a commission on purchases made through our links.