Top 5 Exercises to Get Flat Abdomen

Side Dips

Last updated February 27th, 2015 at 11:36 pm

Who doesn’t want to have a flat abdomen? I still miss those days when my abdomen used to be flat and perfect. However, that was the time when I was in college and used to play sports and party with my friend. Obviously, there was no point of gaining fat at that time but the corporate world can really make you a lousy dog. They make you use your brain all day long and by the end of day you are so tired that you almost forget to exercise your body. The result is usually a tummy that is always showing in front and destroying your personality. However, lately I have been working out and it has really started showing some results as well. I was talking to my gym instructor last night about the abdomen exercise that I can do easily in home and he gave me some good tips. I’m going to share details about some of the exercises that anyone can do in their house and reduce belly fat.


Top 5 Exercises to Get Flat Abdomen

1. Side Dips

Side dips is a really great exercise routine that not only makes your body flexible but it also focuses on the sides of your stomach. Not only you want to get a flat stomach from front side but you also want to look thin too, right? In that case, side dips is the best exercise that you can do. Don’t be in hurry to see the results, give it a few months and you will start feeling better.

Side Dips - Top 5 Exercises to Get Flat Abdomen

2. Leg Circles

For this exercise, you will have to lay down on the floor keeping your back straight on the surface. Once you have settled down there, lift your legs up, and fix them at one position and then start rotating them. This will have an all-around effect on your stomach as not only the fat preserved in the sides of the stomach will burn with this exercise but the front side of belly will also feel the burning sensation. The lower body will become flexible if you do this exercise daily.

Leg Circles

3. Scissor Kicks

To do this exercise, you again need to lie down on the floor in the same position that we executed in leg scissors. However, the only difference is that, in this exercise, we will not be moving our legs in circular motion but we will actually keep them at a 45 degree angle and move them like a scissor. Two main effects of this exercise are flattening of stomach and emerging of abs.

Scissor Kicks

4. Oblique Twist

This exercise is performed in standing position but if you want, you can sit down on a chair as well. However, if you will be standing while doing this exercise, the angle of rotation will increase and you will end up losing a lot of belly fat and gaining flexibility in your body. This is one of my best exercises and no matter what; I take out time to carry out this small exercise routine daily.

Oblique Twist

Have you been waiting for such kind of Top 5 Exercises to Get Flat Abdomen that are easy to do and also flatten the stomach? Well, you just found out some great exercise so, are you going to carry them out daily now? is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, and we get a commission on purchases made through our links.