Top Disgusting Foods to Take While Traveling to Tokyo

Top 5 Disgusting Foods to Take While Travelling to Tokyo

Last updated September 11th, 2013 at 09:34 pm

Every country has its own culture, a culture that is defined by among many things, the cuisine of the place. The cuisine is as much a part of the indigenous culture of a place as is anything else for example literature. While we travel, we navigate not only between different worlds, different countries, different regions but also different cultures. As a result we are forced to come in contact with the different cuisines of different places.


Top Disgusting Foods

The intercourse with different cuisines while on the one hand, might prove to be a very pleasant experience, it might also prove to be a highly distasteful one. This exclusive post seeks to focus on some of the top disgusting foods that one is likely to encounter while travelling to Tokyo. The country is known for its emphasis on freshness when it comes to food. But this emphasis can lead to the food being raw or uncooked, either being quite distasteful. Here are the top 5 foods which you must try when you visit to Tokyo.

disgusting food #5-Okonomiyaki

Okonomiyaki is the first dish that one should really try to discover the tastelessness. It is in fact an omelette, but a very sophisticated one. There are different variations of this dish and also different levels of complexity depending upon the restaurant that is serving it. Vegetables, meat and spices are used to dress the dish up. The omelette is made by cooking it on a griddle in some sort of a Worcestershire sauce and Japanese mayo. The dish is nothing more but a wild confusion of flavors.


disgusting food #4-Korokke

Korokke is next on the list. It is a French inspired dish with Japanese cuisine element blended with it to give it a unique flavor. It is an exceedingly popular street food in Tokyo and Japan but the oiliness of the outer crust is really despicable. It is made up of mashed potatoes and pork.


disgusting food #3-Takoyaki – Top Disgusting Foods

Takoyaki is the next unpleasant sort of dish to be featured here. The constituent of this dish is highly distasteful, octopus. This particular dish is made up of octopus balls, which are cooked in various ways. Eating an octopus this way, the mere thought of it, is quite terrifying. The appearance does nothing to relieve the feeling. This particular dish is however, a popular dish in Japan and Tokyo.

Takoyaki - top disgusting foods

disgusting food #2-Teishoku Set

The next disagreeable dish is called the Teishoku Set. This food might be good for many people but it really does not seem appealing at all. This is one of the most affordable dishes on the menu and is popular as well. Seafood lovers might love this dish though, along with rice and miso soup making up the side dishes. It is however, hardly remarkable.

Teishoku Set

disgusting food #1-Napolitan Spaghetti

Naporitan Spaghetti comes the last in this dish. A cheap street food, there is really nothing that is remarkable about it other than the homeliness of the brewed sauce. The flavors are indeed bold, but they are nothing special. It does but little justice to its association with Italian cuisine. Made up of pasta, green peppers, ketchup and ham, this is one dish that one would not remember after returning from a trip.

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