Top 5 Content Marketing Mistakes to Avoid

Top 5 Content Marketing Mistakes to Avoid
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Last updated September 15th, 2013 at 09:08 pm

As a human being, you are supposed to make mistakes. The only best way to learn about best things is by making mistakes. If you are not making any mistakes in your life then you are not doing anything at all. However, a wise man shall never commit such mistakes that have already been registered under the names of other people. Content marketing is one of the most commonly used marketing technique in online world but there are certain mistakes that can drain all your efforts into gutter very easily. I’m going to tell you about top five content marketing mistakes that you should never make.

Top 5 Content Marketing Mistakes to Avoid
Top 5 Content Marketing Mistakes to Avoid

1. Writing For The Wrong Audience

This is the most important thing to consider. At all times, you have to keep your target audience in your mind. Many content marketers spend hours daily to craft articles but they are never able to cash their work because they have been writing for wrong people. If you will try to sell an expensive product to a poor man, will you ever succeed in your goal? Obviously, you will end up spending all your time and investing all your efforts into a work that has no worth at all. You need to find the right market for your products and you have to make sure that your content is written for proper audience and not for aliens or only search engines.

2. Bad Headlines

If the headline of your content is not catchy, the readers will never become interested in reading your content at all. You get only a couple of seconds to sell your content to your readers and you that with the help of a great headline. Many content marketers don’t realize the important of using good headlines and vocabulary in marketing and that is one of the most common reasons why they end up making no sales at all.

3. Quality Matters not Quantity

Content marketing is not about writing hundreds of articles each month and publish them on the internet but is about writing only a few high quality articles. You must keep in your mind that only high quality content can bring more sales towards your business. If you think that by publishing hundreds of articles every month, you can generate more profit then you are wrong.

4. Les or No Optimization at all

Not only is it required to write content for your readers but for search engines as well. There are two main things to consider while writing an article. First, you should provide quality information to your readers and secondly, you should optimize your content for search engines too. If your web pages are not indexed in search engines, all your content marketing efforts will go into vein.

5. Using the Same Content Over and Over Again

This is one mistake that you must avoid. Internet is full of content and information but it doesn’t mean that duplicate content will go unnoticed. Search engines have become very clever to determine which content has been copied from where. Just like a doctor uses a new syringe for every patient, you should use completely new content for all your content marketing needs.

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