Top 5 Car Manufacturing Companies Of 2015

Top 5 Car Manufacturing Companies Of 2012

Last updated January 30th, 2015 at 11:50 am

Car is the important part of today’s life now it like necessity for the people specially living in cities. Cars help people to make their journey, comfortable, reliable, easier and most importantly they make the journey more then personal. Everyday hundreds of automobile companies (car manufactures) make thousands of cars in their industries to meet the need of the people, of their customers. These car manufacturing companies have made a lot progress in the car’s technology, from the first car which was like a one seat car and that was on “Steam engine” too. Now you can buy the cars of your own choices, you can put the technology of your own interest in the cars, you can ask the companies to make car of your own demand. You can buy cars which worth millions of dollars, you can buy the cars which runs on, gas, petrol, Diesel and now electric cars are also available in the industry. This everything is only possible due to the struggle of the car manufacturing companies. There are a lot of automobile industries in the world, but some are very special and very popular and today we have created a list of world’s Top 5 Car Manufacturing Companies Of 2015 by keeping a lot of important things in the mind. Below the complete list of top 5 car manufactures.


Top 5 Car Manufacturing Companies Of 2015

5: Honda

Everybody knows these Japanese for their quality products and material. Here in this list there are two Japanese car manufacturing companies in the world’s top 5. Honda is a Japanese car manufacturing companies which was founded in 1948 ( So, it Experience) with its headquarters in Tokyo Japan. Honda is serving in over 100 countries of World including Japan, Pakistan, India, Brazil and Other countries of the world.

Honda 5th Ranked Automobile Company

4: Ford

Ford is the 4th ranked car manufacturing company of the world, Ford is American company founded in 1903 with its Headquarters in Michigan USA, the name of the founder was Henry ford.  Ford is really known for its tough cars and specially powerful trucks. The sports cars of the ford are also very popular in the market. Currently ford is serving in all of the countries in the world.

Ford 4th Ranked Automobile Company

3: Daimler

Finally here is a British car manufacturing company in this list of world’s top 5 car manufacturing companies. Daimler is British car manufacture company which was founded in 1896 with its headquarter in West Midlands UK. Daimler is specially known for its first class cars specially “Mercedes Benz” and its also very popular for trucks.

Daimler 3rd Ranked Automobile Compay

2: Volkswagen

So, here is a car manufacturing company from Europe, this time its from Germany. Volkswagen was founded in 1937 in Germany now its Headquarters are in Wolfsburg Germany. Volkswagen is also serving all over the world. It is making all types of the quality cars, it is specially known for its “Lamborghini”, which is a very popular brand in the world.

Volkswagen 2nd Ranked Automobile Company

1: Toyota

Toyota is the second ranked world best car manufacturing company. As Honda Toyota is also a Japanese automobile company with its headquarters in Aichi Japan, it was founded in in 1937. This car manufacturing company is serving the nations with its quality cars, sedans, minivans, Jeeps, trucks and Buses all over the world.

Toyota 1st Ranked Automobile Company

So, this is the list of world’s Top 5 Car Manufacturing Companies Of 2015, we hope this list will help you a lot if you are interest in Car industry. But stay in touch with us because there is coming more. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, and we get a commission on purchases made through our links.