Top 5 Best Sites to Send Big Sizeed Files Free


Last updated March 31st, 2016 at 03:34 pm

Its very easy to share your pictures, office files and small videos with anyone online but on the other hand its very difficult to send large sized files to anyone specially when you want to send the files immediately. What will you do for sending big files? Will you burn them to a disc or anything else? But these types of methods of sharing files are too slow when you want to transfer your files to someone out of your country. Unfortunately you can send only small files trough email but can’t transfer large files. But as usual there is a second way to transfer big files online with the help of some tools. Today we will list some of the best online tools to send big sized files for free, which are below.


Top 5 Best Sites to Send Big Sizeed Files Free

1. is one of the best cloud service which let its users upload files of up to 1 GB for free. But Space can be increased by paying some bucks. You can upload files to single or multiple folders depending upon your way to use. After uploading any file you will be given a link to that, anyone having that link can download the file. So, share the link with the person which want that file. - Top 5 Best Sites to Send Big Sizeed Files Free

2. DropBox

DropBox is also a well known cloud service which offers more free space then dropbox. After signing up for you can start uploading files immediately. Any person which want to see your files should be a DropBox user but they will be able to see the files only after your authorization. If any person is not a DropBox user then you can add him/her as authorize user by adding his/her email id, then they will receive an invitation email from DropBox. Uploading limit is 5 GB for the free users which is pretty good.


3. You Send It

The most easy to use and simple file sharing service online is You Send It. After signing up for You Send It you will be able to upload files of up to 100 MB and then you could send those files to up to 100 recipients. You Send It will save those files for the 7 days and then send a downloading link to those to the recipients, who can then download those file within 7 days.

You Send It

4. Send This File

Send this file is another very handy tool to send big files online. Interesting thing is that there is no upload size limit in Send This File and that really great. Upload files and then send those via email, paid service is also available which offer more features.

Send This File

5. Drop Send

Drop Send is also a best tool to send files of up to 2 GB and that a reasonable size. It have 3 steps process to send files, steps are attach, to and from. It also offer paid service for better experience.

Drop Send
Drop Send

So, these are the Top 5 Best Sites to Send Big Sizeed Files Free. By using these tools you can transfer files immediately anywhere in the world. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, and we get a commission on purchases made through our links.