Top 5 Best Magazines to Read in Free Time

Reader’s Digest

Last updated February 28th, 2015 at 12:38 am

If you often get some free time from your work or from your daily routine then you can spend that time doing something productive like reading a good magazine. Although, most of the people spend their time in front of their smartphones and tablets but I find it really interesting to read a physical magazine that rests on the top of my tablet. Usually, I get some free time in the afternoon when I get back from my office and that is the time when I read those magazines that come to my house every month because I have subscribed to those magazines. I really love reading these magazines because they give you information about latest happenings in the world.


Top 5 Best Magazines to Read in Free Time

1. Time Magazine

There is no doubt that Time Magazine is the best magazine of all time. This magazine has always been at number one position since a long time. I’m a big fan of Time Magazine because it always provides with best reading experience. You cannot challenge the information posted in this magazine and I personally love the efforts put by their writers and authors who first gather interesting information and then write it an engaging way to grab the attention of readers.

Time Magazine

2. National Geographic

If you are someone who is interesting in reading documentaries and learn about the wonders of nature then National Geographic is the best magazine for you. I have been a fan of this magazine since a long time and I feel no shame in stating that I still love reading stories about animals and how they behave in Jungle. The wildlife has always been a topic of interest for me and that is the main reason why I love reading this magazine.

National Geographic

3. Reader’s Digest

I started reading Reader’s Digest when I was in college. To be honest with you, I had no idea about this magazine except, I had heard about its name a few times. However, when I found that most of my friends at college are obsessed with this magazine, I started to read it as well. Since that time, I have never been able to take my eyes away from this magazine whenever it is lying on my tablet top. It feels like the urge to read this magazine over and over again is irresistible or maybe I’m the only one feeling this way.

Reader’s Digest

4. Sports Illustrated

You must be interested in some kind of sports. I like to read about basketball, football and hockey as these the only three games that I like. I happen to be a lucky guy because I’m subscribed to the monthly edition of Sports Illustrated that covers all the sports related stories in a unique and creative way. You can learn about latest happenings in sports industry by reading this magazine and also learn many things about different sports. You may as well, end up developing interest in a sport that you never liked before.

Sports Illustrated

5. The Lady Magazine

Well, I’m not a fan of this magazine but my girlfriend loves it. The only time when I took interest in this magazine was when I used to be in college and you can better understand why I was interested in reading this magazine.

The Lady Magazine

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