Top 10 White Water Rafting Places 2015

North Johnstone River, Australia

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Every summer, around the globe, when it comes to looking for ways of beating the heat, the adventure lovers can enjoy white water rafting at some of the world’s most exotic river destinations and have a fun filled trip with their self run inflatable boat. The world’s Top 10 White Water Rafting Places are listed as below


Top 10 White Water Rafting Places 2015

 10 – Magpie River Canada

For easy floats to grade five rapids, the splendid vacation on the magpie river Canada is something to book yourself for the vacation. It takes a trip over eight days through the remote pine forests of Quebec province. Throughout the day one gets to enjoy increasingly difficult rapids and when night falls, a tent on the river side, one can amuse from the glorious views of the northern lights.

Magpie River Canada - 10 White Water Rafting Places

9 – Ottawa River Canada

One of the world’s renowned spots for incredibly thrilling rafting and kayaking.  Located just below the last major set of rapids this beautiful location extends up to 165 hectares. River range from providing rapids from the gentle class one to the exciting class five where people enjoy an Eco friendly environment with a two, three day trip. Private sandy beach, volleyball, basketball, horseshoes, woodland trails and river runners are other facilities that come within the cage. So the spectacular scenery and the thrill and energy of the river await all the rafting lovers out there.

Ottawa River Canada

8 – Grand Canyon River, United States

Located in Arizona it is the 15 oldest national parks. The Colorado river which is also one of the seven wonders of the world is one of the prime features of this park, its central feature being Grand Canyon. This area is a full service community with lodging, food, hospital, churches and everything that you need for an amazing vacation.

Grand Canyon River, United States

7 – Zambezi River Zambia

In the Africa’s fourth longest river is the stretch of class 1 to class 4 rapids, allowing one an eight day trip of paddling and safari. The ride starts at Victoria falls and end sat gnashing jaws of death. Then a helicopter ride back provides a view of the massive voice falls and the wildlife as lions, elephants, zebras and giraffe roam wild and free. It is a thrilling experience against one of the most dramatic river backdrops in the world. Between September and November is the general carnage and higher grade rapids. From December to march the river is relatively mellow. June and august can be quite manic.

Zambezi River Zambia

6 – Futaleufu River Chile

This awesome river provides a combination of both spectacular views and thrilling rides. It is considered as one of the best rivers but for experienced rafters. It has grade five ripe and is known for its deep blue waters. It is unique in its guiding company Earth River Expeditions that maintained it by making permanent river camps into river dwellings with hot baths, hot tubs and  beds. All along the length of the river the option of walking is provided by trees and people can always enjoy the facility of horseback riding, rock climbing and rappelling.

Futaleufu River Chile - 10 White Water Rafting Places

5 – Alsek River British Columbia

White water rafting opportunities are not short when it comes to talking about the Alsek river in British Columbia. Thousands of hectares of mountains and over 100 river systems serve the purpose well enough. Paddle trips, motor powered trips and float trips are three kinds of rafting experiences that are offered by the Columbia rafting system. From single to multiple days trips are arranged with accommodation facilities from a simple tent to a cabin at this exotic resort. One gets to view the spectacular glacier peaks that surround the river.

Alsek River British Columbia

4 – Apurimac River Peru

All the thrill lovers out there are provided with the opportunity of rafting and kayaking in one of the world’s largest rivers that sources the Amazon. A magnificent rafting experience for those who want to experience the wilderness of South America.  It is considered as once in a lifetime experience that brings you to a three day trip to a place where time stands still. Challenges are available from beginners to the most expert of rafters in a river interrupted by waterfalls and glacier lakes.

Apurimac River Peru - Top 10 White Water Rafting Places

3 – White Nile Uganda

Near the mouth of Victoria Lake lies the start of an adventure that is hard to forget forever. A world class combination of grade five rafting plus a beautiful view of Africa supplemented by inexpensive shop set ups creates an experience that is hard to get. White Nile is more than 4000 miles long, is the longest river, and while the rafting is exciting it is unique in being safer. This place that has enthralled civilizations since the beginning of times is surrounded by beautiful landscapes and a blend of different cultures that are a bonus to add to the fun ride one experiences.

White Nile Uganda

2 – North Johnstone River, Australia

In the capitals of Australia lands the rafting experience that is considered as one of the best among the adventure places of the world. Grade five rapids and breathtaking scenery start with a helicopter ride to the starting point. The beauty in the night is provided by the glistening fungi that grow on the mountain of rainforests while shimmering fire flies display their beauty. The grade five rapids carve their way through the spectacular volcanic gorge. This four day experience is regarded as among the world’s top 10 white water rafting places for wild expeditions.

North Johnstone River, Australia

1 – Noce River Italy

An exhilarating ride for all the rafting enthusiasts out there is provided by the nice river in Italy. More of a paradise to the rafters, it provides high class grade three, four and five rafting located in Val DI Sole. The spectacular view of the landscapes surrounds one while surfing through the great waves of the river. Kayoing, mountain bike and hydro speed are bonuses that come along with the rafting.  Not to mention the opportunity of skiing and snowboarding in the winters. So all the adrenaline pumping lovers have got to visit this place be it any season of the year.

Noce River Italy - Top 10 White Water Rafting Places


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