Top 10 URL Shortener Websites 2015

10 Top URL Shorteners To Make Your Long URLs Short

Last updated August 6th, 2018 at 08:41 pm

URL Shortening is very popular these days and this is just due to its high importance. Because if you are a online worker then URL Shortening is very important for you, some times when you have joined an affiliate network and you want to share your Affiliate URLs to your friends on social network or if you want to share these URLs in Your blog post then you should use URL shortening service. Because when you will share your affiliate link without shortening then there are many chances that a large number of people will not visit them and they will go to that affiliate directly, if you want to avoid these type of situation then URL shortening can help you and you our readers we have created a list of 10 Top URL Shortener Websites To Make Your Long URLs Short, below is the complete list.


Top 10 URL Shortener Websites 2015

Top 10 URL Shortener Websites 2015

10: Snipulr

Snipurl is one of the best known URL shortening service online, just click on the title and go there to make your Long URLs short. Snipurl do not need any account log in to sort URLs but if you want to enjoy extra features then you have to a Snipulr Account.

Snip URL


Tiny URL is a very popular URL shortening service and its very old too. Usually you will see URLs shortened from this website. This website also do not require any kind of registration to short URLs just go there and short any kind of URLs.

Tiny URL


Bud URL is another good to know URL Shortening service if you want to use premium like atmosphere. Bud URL is not free, it contain different package Plans through them you can choose of your own Choice and can enjoy premium features.


7: is another good and very simple URL shortening service, simply go there and make your long URL short without any kind of fees and registrations.

IS. gd


This is another simple and good enough URL shortener, which you can use to short your URLs, this website also do not require any kind of registration. But you can sing up to enjoy other good features.

Ow. ly


There is another useful URL shortener which is, on this website you can easily convert any kind of URLs to URLs. This website also do not require any kind of registration, you can also get statics about the URLs shortened there.


 4: another URL shortening service, just go there an make your huge URLs tiny without any kind of fees and registration, this is very simple system.

3: is another well known URL shortener, you can also earn extra money by just attracting traffic to your Shortened URLs. As many clicks you will get as much money you will receive.

Adf. ly

2: another good URL shortener, you can shrink your URLs without any kind of registration and can also create a Bitly account to use extra features like, counting your “clicks”.


This is the best URL shortener from “Stumble upon” which is a famous social network. To use this service you have to make a stumble account but its worth doing that, because its more then a URL shortener.

So, this is the list of 10 top URL Shortener Websites To Make your Long URLs short, this list will help you a lot if you are using affiliate programs or if you have a passion to include your blog URLs while updating your social status on social networking websites. We hope you will like the stuff but stay in touch with us because there is coming more. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, and we get a commission on purchases made through our links.