Top 10 Tips To Make Your Computer Faster

10 Top Tips To Make Your Computer Faster And Smoother

Last updated January 19th, 2015 at 11:21 pm

Nothing match with the new and latest things, do not matter what they are and what’s their use. New things work good, work smooth and perfect and do not disturb its user for a particular period of time. But after some time when they are getting old, they start disturbing there users, same things is with the computers. But don’t worry about your computers because we have tips to make your computers faster and smoother. When you buy new computer then You will love it because of its high speed, nice and new design suit you but after so me type, due to a lot of usage it starts teasing its users. If you are facing this problem then here are top 10 tips to make your computer faster and smoother.


Top 10 Tips To Make Your Computer Faster And Smoother


Top 10 Tips To Make Your Computer Faster

10: Take A Deep look on the desktop

Sometimes minor things create big problems So is with the unused and inactive icons of the desktop. The inactive icons can reduce a lot of speed of your computer. So, just take a deep look on the desktop of your computer and fix ( I mean delete ) all the inactive icons from the desktop.

9: Delete browser data

Regular internet users can have a lot  of useless data in the form of cookies and temporary internet files in the web browsers. Try to delete this data daily if its not important for your. Go in the settings of any browser to use clear cookies function to delete these temporary files.

8: Keep the design simple

If you have installed latest operating systems installed on your computer then try to use less animated themes and wallpapers. And also try to use less gadgets on desktop screen, this will make your computer smoother because it will take off a lot of burden over system memory.

7: Install Antivirus

Have you installed antivirus in your computer? If no then hurry and install a best antivirus in your computer. But if you already have installed antivirus in your computer then update it regularly. This antivirus software will keep your computer clean because it will kill all the infected files.

6: Delete the recent files

This doesn’t mean to delete the recent files permanently from your computer. Because this means that delete the files from “Recent files’ folder”, this folder contains shortcuts to recent files, so you are going to delete the shortcuts to recent files. This tip will also make god effect on your computer.

5: Empty Recycle bin regularly

recycle bin also contains a lot useless items deleted by you. Empty recycle bin after deleting any file from your computer to delete that file permanently. This will take a lot of useless burden from your computer’s hard drive to make it smoother.

4: Do not Use Windows Drive for other use

The partition of the hard drive in which you have installed your operating system, do not use that partition to store your document for other use. If you have stored some documents in that part of hard drive then delete them immediately to make the system lighten.

3: Always make new place for upcoming programs

Before adding more programs in to your system always find best place for them, for example if your new programs is of large size then place it in that part of drive which contain less programs.

2: Boost copying speed

If you are facing less speed problem then use some other copying software then windows own. There are many other alternatives for this tools such as Extreme copy and tera copy.

1: Increase Internet Speed

Is your internet connection is slow? then use some other DNS software to increase the speed of your web browsing. You can use programs like openDNS fr this purpose.

So, this is the list of top 10 tips to make your computer faster and smoother, this list will help you a lot in making your computer lighten to work smoothly. We hope you will like the stuff but stay in touch with us because there is coming more.

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