Top 10 Best Tablets 2020 UK

Which tablet should you Buy?

Could you ever imagine your life without food, air, and water? It is impossible to even think of the deprivation that the absence of these things could bring to your life. However, the trend of the world is changing and so are people’s necessities.

What once used to be the most important thing in an individual’s life is being replaced by something much more advanced. In this case, television, smartphones, laptops and other such electronic devices have taken the place of the items mentioned above. It is virtually impossible to imagine a life without these items.

Tablets, one of the advanced forms of computers and laptops, provide their users with greater convenience as compared to its ancestors.


You can take a tablet anywhere with you as it is small enough to fit in your bag and the features it provides would not allow you to go back to your laptop or computer. This article has its focus on the best tablets in 2020 UK with respect to their performance and style.

Top 10 Best Tablets 2020 UK

1. New Apple iPad Pro 2020 UK

The Apple iPad with its slim and lightweight design is an updated version of the previous model. The tablet is equipped with fast speed and an excellent camera to capture your best moments. Its top notch app selection provides users with a vast array of apps to enjoy during their leisure time. However, having so many features to enjoy in the tablet may cost a fortune to many middle-class people. Its price is the only characteristic that may force a person to drop the idea of its purchase.

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2. New Apple iPad 2020 UK

The lightest of all, the Apple iPad Air 2’s weight is almost negligible. This particular model comes in 16, 64, and 128 GB versions, all with different price tags. The processor of the tablet is extremely speedy with an abundance of apps being an addition to its luxury. The tablet contains raw power within its slender body, which makes it appear even better for purchase. Its only downside is its price, which is way too high together with its battery life that drains fast, leaving the user to charge it every now and then.

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3. Asus Transformer Book

This particular model is fully equipped with Windows 8.1 PC and can be used as both a tablet and notebook. It is capable of running all Windows programs. The best feature of the tablet is its lightweight and 11-hour battery life, enough to keep it running for half of the day. The tablet comes with full Microsoft Office and its keyboard has got a trackpad. The tablet is full with a lot of features and contains 2 GB memory and 1 GB of free space on its SSD. The tablet also takes a lot of time to recharge, but it is still one of the best tablets 2020.

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4. Samsung Galaxy Tab 2020 UK

The unique feature of this tablet is its shiny screen that can make videos, movies, and everything else appear glorious. The tablet is slim and light in weight together with a long battery life. Its GPU and Wi-Fi could have been better. Nevertheless, its design and features are enough to capture people’s attention and include it in the list of best tablets 2020.

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5. Apple iPad mini 2020 UK

The Apple iPad mini 2 is the inexpensive version of the iPad Air. With its beautiful design and sharp screen, the tablet is no less than the others mentioned in this list. The tablet’s speed is fast and it contains some excellent applications that will never let boredom get to you. The tablet is stylish but not as sleek as its fellow tabs; you would surely need both of your hands to hold on to this piece.

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6. Huawei MediaPad M5

Consisting of Microsoft Office Home and Student Edition, the tablet is good for using all PC apps. The battery lasts for 9 hours and it comes with a year’s warranty, which even includes accidental damage. It comes with its own carrying case but lacks an option of 4G/LTE. The price of the tab is low and affordable, making it a good choice for purchase.

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7. Fire HD 10 2020 UK

The 11-inch tablet is dedicated for business use and contains all kinds of business-oriented features. It includes Intel Core M-5Y71 processor, which makes it efficient enough to be used for office purposes. The tablet has an excellent touch screen with full HD resolution and a beautiful design. A long lasting battery is yet another feature of the Dell Venue 11 Pro 7000 Series that makes it one of the best tablets 2020.

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8. Microsoft Surface 3 2020 UK

This lightweight tablet comes with full HD display and pen support. With a better performance, the tablet has a long lasting battery life and equally good speakers and webcam. It also includes Windows 8.1. The price of the tablet is affordable compared to its previous versions and hence, should be considered when a decision is to be made.

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9. Samsung Galaxy Tab 2020 UK

Its sleek and beautiful design is enough to attract the buyer, while its amazing touch screen makes it a masterpiece in the world of tablets. This beautiful piece, however, is lacking in GPU and Wi-Fi, which are not up to the mark as one would expect in a Samsung product.

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10. Vankyo Matrix Pad 2020 UK

The contains ample amount of features; you name it, and it has it. With a 64-bit processor, the latest Lollipop software, and an attachable keyboard cover, its price is quite affordable as compared to the features it offers. The downside of the tablet is its camera, which is poor in performance.

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