Top 10 Popular Online News Websites 2015

Top Online News Websites

Last updated January 20th, 2015 at 01:56 pm

Internet users while surfing internet usually have no concern about the surrounding they just want to stay in front of the computer for the whole day. But you must have some knowledge about what’s going on in the world and in your area to keep yourself latest. For this purpose there is thing called NEWS ( North, East, West and South ) and for spreading news there are different means, like TV ( popular one ), Radio ( good while driving car ), News papers ( Good on Sundays ) and Internet (Always ). These sources spread News from all over the world, On TV you can watch News and on radio you can listen and on News Papers you can only read but on Internet you can read, listen and watch news on the News websites, which are these websites ? Answer is in this list of Top 10 Popular Online News Websites to keep your eyes on the world, below is the complete list.


Top 10 Popular Online News Websites

Top 10 Popular Online News Websites

10: ABC News

ABC News is an American Broadcasting service serving from decades it was founded in 1945 in New York. It is serving all of the nations worldwide. You can get all the latest reports and news from all over the world in this website of ABC News network.

ABC News

9: BBC News

BBC News is the world’s most popular News network from UK, this news network is also very experienced and it is serving all over the world. You can find news of every nation in the BBC News Networks websites easily.

BBC News

8: Reuters

This is one of the oldest News agency which was founded in 1851 in London UK and London is the still its headquarters. Reuters is also serving all over the world you can check latest news, columns and can also select your local News edition from Reuters website.


7: Fox News

This is the most popular American News TV channel which was founded in 1996 and now it is popular in the world. It is serving all over the world by giving News and Vies about the latest happenings in the world, you can check its website for more information.

FOX News

6: Los Angeles Times

LA Times is another popular News network which is serving the nation all over the world by spreading latest news. This news network was founded in 1881 in Los Angeles, California. But on its website you can get news from all over the world.

Los Angeles Times

5: Google News

This is the part of Google products which is a big Online Business network, Google News is one of the best mean of News you can select edition of any country and then can read the News from that country. Google News upload every type of News from all of the Countries.

Google News

4: Washington Post

Washington Post is another popular News Network again from America, which is also serving all over the world. You can select edition for your area to get News related to your area. It was founded 135 year ago in 1877.

The Washington Post

3: CNN News

CNN is also a well known News Channel from United states of America, You can get latest news from around the world in the official website of CNN. CNN was founded in 1980.

CNN News

2: NBC News

This is another Good News Website again from America, this news network was founded in 1940 in New York. You can find every type of news from around the world in this website of NBC news.

NBC News

1: Yahoo News

Yahoo News is the part of various Yahoo Products, Yahoo is also a big online Network like Google which offer different products. On Yahoo News you can find news of any type from around the world.

Yahoo News

So, this is the Top 10 Popular Online News Websites to keep Eyes on the world, this list will help you to know all the latest happening in the world. We hope you will like the stuff but stay in touch with us because there is coming more. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, and we get a commission on purchases made through our links.