Top 10 Places to Spend Christmas Holidays 2015


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If  you’re confused in making decision that were to spend this winter Christmas holidays or looking for the best place with your family? Don’t worry I can handle your problem and help you out in making decisions.  Here you find the Top 10 Places to Spend Christmas Holidays in 2015 and 2015.


Top 10 Places to Spend Christmas Holidays 2015

10- NEW YORK CITY –  New York

Top 10 Places to Spend Christmas Holidays

New York is one of the most beautiful place in the world to spend the Christmas holidays. There are many famous places you can find in the city there are plenty of hotels available here at very discount rates, but I recommend you to book early in order to guarantee your space. The location of this city is marvelous as it is on the world’s largest natural harbors.


Stockholm in Sweden may be the your next destiny for spending Christmas holidays with your family. Here you will find Christmas markets and traditional Christmas buffets, besides the historic village Skansen is an excellent place for your family. You may find the old wooden buildings and natural beautiful forests for kids. Stockholm ranked 24th position in the world for its beauty and architecture.


Woo! What a wonderful place it would be in this Christmas holidays this winter. The heaven on earth is Disneyland in Paris. Here you find a very special arrangement for the visitors coming from all around the Europe and the world. Under 7’s staying if free with special deals for families. Meet Santa in Disneyland with plenty of opportunity of entertainment and enjoyment. I added one thing for kids that Disneyland certainly makes this Christmas to remember.


This location is in Spain, because of its beautiful location, it is the fourth largest country in Europe with its immune’s history background. Here you definitely love to spend your Christmas holidays with your family. You can find a number of historical buildings, parks and other beautiful places. The staff at  La Residencia will make sure you feel welcome and pampered at all times and makes your holidays memorable.


Feel the Scandinavian experience this time in Christmas holidays with your whole family. Norway has the unique style of Christmas traditions, mainly rich in culture and diversity. A Christmas cruise would be an awesome way to spend your holidays and make it evergreen. The twelfth night Cruise will be a sandwich of both Christmas and New Year traditions. Oslo is the capital city of Norway which is facing the North Atlantic Ocean. In short Norwegian Christmas Cruise is the best way to enjoy.

5- CHRISTMAS CANADA – Niagara Fall

If you like to the natural beauty all around such as trees, snow then Canada is your destination. It is heaven on earth as it is environmentally friendly, outdoor enthusiasts and offering all tastes of programs. Canada is the worlds second largest country by its total area and have a common border with America. Here you can visit Niagara Falls. It is a worth seeing place and one of the wonders of the world. Canadian government makes special arrangements for the Christmas and New year visitors.

4- QUEENSTOWN – New Zealand

It is popular and well known for its tourism specially ski tourism. This is a cool place and a resort town. You can find some very extraordinary arrangements on the occasion of Christmas and Happy New Year. The traditional Christmas hospitality makes Queenstown more attractive. You can simply set up camp along with your family and enjoy a hearty Christmas meal of lamb, seafood and chicken on the Barbie.

3- VENICE – Italy

Why I go to Europe and especially in Venice to spend my precious Christmas and New year holidays? It’s simply because here you find the world class service and friendly behavior and at night you may have the moonlit Pizza all to yourself. You can stay in the most luxurious but economical hotels  available during holidays. A number of Italian food restaurants are found here and and there is a big festival on the 24th December.

2- GOA – India

India is well known for its historic traditions and customs and Goa is its smallest state by area it is on the bay of Arabian Sea and it was ranked the best places for spending your precious moments along with your family. Whitewashed Catholic churches, firecrackers and bells will make your holidays memorable. Here you find many historic resorts, hotels and restaurants. I hope if you select Goa as your destination then you will enjoy this Christmas holidays.


Top 10 Places to Spend Christmas Holidays 2015

It is a city of a dream a wonderful combination Spanish colonial gem and cultural hotspot. You’re likely to stumble upon Mary and Joseph is strolling the streets. The main attraction of this town is its well preserved historic center of some eighteenth centuries. Mexico is the right place for those who wants to memorable their Christmas and Happy New Year holidays.

Wishing you a very memorable holidays this winter. If you have experience of any of these Top 10 Places to Spend Christmas Holidays then share your memories with the world by using the comments area below.

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