Top 10 Places To Celebrate New Year 2016

10 Best Places To Celebrate New Year

Last updated January 30th, 2015 at 11:21 am

So, you are planning to give a warm welcome to the new upcoming year, 2016 but you don’t know of any cool place or city where you should be celebrating the New Year? Well, you will get some best ideas in this post. I’m going to share information aboutTop 10 Places To Celebrate New Year 2016.


Top 10 Places To Celebrate New Year 2016

Top 10 Places To Celebrate New Year 2016

1. Sydney, Australia

If you want to be among the first people in the world to celebrate New Year 2016 then you are supposed to be in Sydney, Australia. This is the place where New Year is celebrated before any other country in the world. One thing that you need to know about Sydney is that, there is something for everyone in this city. The main highlight of the event is the fireworks at Sydney Harbour and yes, I must also mention here that during that time its summer season in Australia so you will definitely be able to give a new look to your New Year’s celebrations.

Celebrate New Year in Sydney, Australia

2. Tokyo, Japan

You may want to celebrate New Year at a location where you can get most out of it. Well, Japan is the best place for that purpose because you can keep celebrating the happiness and joy of New Year even for a complete week. Especially, in Tokyo, these celebrations keep occurring for one week or so. The festivities start from December 29 and last until January 04. So, if you are planning to celebrate 2016 in Tokyo then you have got be there before the New Year starts.

Celebrate New Year in Tokyo, Japan

3. Koh Phangan, Thailand

You may be someone who is so much into partying and dancing and if this really the case then no place can be compared to Koh Phangan, Thailand for this purpose. This place is famous for its full moon parties and New Year festivals that keep running for many days. You will not be the only one coming to Koh Phangan Island for celebrating New Year because more than 50,000 people from all over the world come to this island for the same purpose. So, you better be hurry and get your tickets reserved before all the flights to Thailand are booked.

Celebrate New Year in Koh Phangan, Thailand

4. Edinburgh, Scotland

Scotland is not only famous for its landscape and beautiful scenery but it is also famous for celebrating New Year as well. They have got some unique and long lasting traditions for New Year. They have even given a unique name to New Year celebrations, Hogmanay. There are so may attractions that you will find in Edinburgh like the firework under the torch light and many other traditions running from centuries. You can celebrate the 2016 for consecutive 3-4 days as the Hogmanay starts from December 30 and ends on January 1 and sometimes on January 2 as well.

Celebrate New Year in Edinburgh, Scotland

5. Paris, France

Most of us want to celebrate New Year along with our friends, playing, singing, dancing, clubbing and drinking. Well, Paris has got to offer all these things to do. There is no better place in the world than Paris to celebrate New Year especially if you want to do it in a modernized traditional way. There are so many street parties, free club parties and dance parties in which you can participate and have the time of your life.

Celebrate New Year in Paris, France

6. Barcelona, Spain

Europeans are different from the entire world. They have a different perceptive about everything and if you are wishing to celebrate 2016 in a unique way then you should take first available first available flight to Spain. In Barcelona, Spain, you will be partying, dancing, clubbing and drinking until the first sunrise of New Year. Things never get better than this because Barcelona is not only famous for good landscape but it is also famous for natural beauty as well. The people of the city are very friendly and they always welcome the guests to have a lot of fun with them on New Year’s Eve.

Celebrate New Year in Barcelona, Spain

7. Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

There are only a few cities that are considered as the party capitals all over the world and Rio de Janeiro, Brazil is one of them. So, if you are planning to have some great parties in order to celebrate New Year then Brazil is the place where you should be right now. Just like Sydney, summer season will be on its peak in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil so you better keep this thing in mind before coming here. Your New Year’s celebrations will not be like the one you used to have in your hometown because Brazilians have their own unique way to welcome the New Year.

Celebrate New Yyear in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

8. Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada

Usually, people go to see Niagara Falls on a family holiday but I must inform you that this is also one of the coolest places to have New Year’s party. People from all over the Canada and world come to Niagara Falls at the end of December each year just to welcome the New Year with style. You want to know what the best part about celebrating New Year at Niagara Falls is, it is completely free. Though, you will have to arrange for your air tickets and residence.

Celebrate New Year in Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada

9. Las Vegas, NV, USA

Many people like to celebrate New Year while living in U.S and we all know that when it comes to partying, clubbing and drinking, the only best place in the entire USA is Las Vegas. A complete book can be easily written about the places you should visit in Las Vegas and especially the places where you can have a great party to celebrate New Year.

Celebrate New Year in Las Vegas, NV, USA

10. New York City, NY, USA

Well, if we don’t mention the name of New York while talking about New Year’s celebration then it is will be injustice with upcoming year, 2016. There are so many great places in New York where you can go with your friends and family to welcome the New Year. For instance, more than 1 million people gather at Times Square at the New Year’s Eve to say goodbye to the passing year and welcome the coming New Year. The best part is that, it is completely free except, you will have to pay for the cab you ride to reach Times Square.

Celebrate New Year in New York City, NY, USA

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