Top 10 Most Popular Industrial Brands 2015

10 Top Most Popular Industrial Brands

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There are 1000s of industrial brands in the world, serving the nations with their products. But among these 1000s of industrial brands as usual few are on the top which are recognized globally, whose “name is used as quality alternative” and these are not only serving there own native people but they are also supplying products to the world. In this article we will list 10 top most popular industrial brands, these are the ten big names serving different types of industries but most are related to electronics. But names from other industries are also included, following is the complete list of world’s Top 10 Most Popular Industrial Brands.


Top 10 Most Popular Industrial Brands 2015

Top 10 Most Popular Industrial Brands 2015

10: McDonald’s Corporation

If you are a fast food lover then you better know what McDonald’s is? McDonald’s a world’s largest fast food restaurants chain which is serving all over the world. The hamburger of the McDonald’s is very popular among the fast food lovers.


9: Coca- cola

Here is another name from food like industry, Coca Cola is the most popular soft drinks providing company which offers a variety of soft drinks in in different flavors, people love to have coca cola while having a meal.

Coca Cola

8: GE ( General Electric )

GE ( General Electric ) is one of the world’s biggest industrial name offering different types of products but that products which are “big reputed” like planes and “robots”. So, GE is really a big name.

General Electric

7: IBM

IBM the USA’s top technology industry which offers a lot of products like computers and software. Business software of the IBM are very popular among the industries, but there computers are also very famous.


6: Google Inc

Everybody who is reading this post know about Google because I’m sure that every internet user know about Google. Google was only a search engine but now is a big name in Technology offering various products.


5: Apple Corporation

Apple is also one of the world’s best electronics company which is offering various quality products. Apple’s products are used for representing status, like Apple iPhone, iPad and iPod.


4: Intel

Normally every second computer in the market have a sticker like “Intel inside” which represent the value of the Intel in the computer market. Intel offer quality computer related products specially Intel processor.


3: Microsoft Corporation

Microsoft is also a big name in electronics industry which is also offering various products, like windows operating system which is very popular operating system, it also offers many useful software.


2: Toyota Corporation

Toyota corporation is the world’s biggest automobile industry, which makes different types of automobiles, like cars, sedans, trucks and buses. It also offers hybrid cars which is a trend today.


1: Samsung

Samsung is world’s top electronics industry, which offers different types of quality electronics, like TV, computers, smartphones, mobiles etc. Samsung’s products have huge market in the world.


So, this is the list of world’s Top 10 Most Popular Industrial Brands, this list will provide a lot of knowledge about world’s top brands, we hope you will like the stuff but stay in touch with us because there is coming more. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, and we get a commission on purchases made through our links.