Top 10 Most Dangerous Prehistoric Creatures


Last updated September 14th, 2013 at 11:31 pm

Prehistoric creatures! these creatures are always seen discussed as the most dangerous creatures in the world before the arrive of humans in this earth. There are a lot of movies, films and documentaries about these prehistoric creatures in which they have shown some history about these creatures. Specially in the movies these creatures have been shown as the most dangerous and cruel creatures, there are many movies in which this thinking of mankind has been shown about prehistoric birds. Here I want to share a movie with you, that is 2000 BC, In this movie they have giant “Elephants ( Some are included in this list too)” which are keen to kill the people around them. There is another movie which is known as “Jurassic Park“, this is a very famous series of movies started in early 90s, In this movie they have shown some rumors and facts about the most famous prehistoric giant animal “Dinosaur”, in this movie they have shown that dinosaur include both good and bad species in them. There are other many example of movies like these, The shapes and bodies of these creatures are assumed ones as no one have seen them. So there are some other movies in which movie makers completely add their own views about giant animals, for example in a recent movie “king Kong” they have shown a giant “Monkey”. This was a little discussion about the views of giant animals in the movies. Now below is the list of top 10 most dangerous prehistoric creatures.


10: Micro raptor

Micro raptor is a kind of dinosaur with four wings but  there is an interesting things about it which is it could not fly ( except having four wings today’s birds have two). Micro Raptor is between bird dinosaurs and non birds. This kind of dinosaur also had a long tail and there were two species of this creature.

Micro raptor

9: Pterodaustro

This kind of special prehistoric creature is known for its usual set of teeth which it use to eat its prey. It mouth is like big nail and teeth are like spines of a wheel, that’s why they are quite unusual and the important thing is that its belongs to the birds family.


8: Helicoprion

This is a kind of “sea food (just kidding)”, this creature is belongs to a early sea family. It is also  different for its teeth. It an unusual tooth wheel, yes a tooth wheel for which this shark is known till today. When the fossil of these teeth was found then it was considered as “shell” but later researchers come to know that it is a “shark”.


7: Deinocheirus

This is another unusual creature and this is also belongs to the family of dinosaurs, the only fossil which of this animal is its special kind of arms which are shown in the picture below but the body is assumed one.


6: Dunkleosteus

This is also another example of the sea world strange creatures. This fish is like an armored body, which use its mouth against its enemies. The face of this sea creature is very strange and scary as shown in the picture below.


5: Sharovipteryx

Finally here is a prehistoric creature belonging to the reptiles family. The reptiles found today are also considered from these ones. This particular reptile as shown in the picture below have also four wings like micro raptor to on front legs and two on back legs.


4: Brontorine

This category of giant birds which are assumed to be found the early history in this earth. They were very heaviest creatures having average weight of 350 KG and they was also very tall they are was averagely 2.8 meters tall.



These eagles which was found way back in the southern Islands of New Zeeland. These giant creatures usually prey giant flightless animals, the speed of these birds was usually 50 mile per hour and their weight was around 16 KG.


2: Phorusrhacos

These birds which was flightless and they were known for their speedy haunting between the woods, the same thing which was shown in the movie 2000 BC in a scene when “people were traveling through a forest of bamboos”.


1: Titanis

Titanis are also belongs to bird family which do not exist now, these birds are assumed to be exist 5 million years before. There fossils were found in North America. The height and weight of these birds was 2.5 meters and 150 KG respectively.


So, this is the list of the top 10 most dangerous prehistoric creatures, we hope this list will increase in your knowledge about prehistoric creatures, this list can also help you if you are making a thesis on these creatures. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, and we get a commission on purchases made through our links.